15 Amazing Reasons to Work Online From Home

Workings online from home sounds so perfect and I think many people are interested in doing it.  Sadly, it’s not always easy to find a job that lets you work from home.  However, if you are determined than it’s possible for just about anyone to make money from home.  Get creative and brainstorm some things you’re good at, you’d be surprised at all the ways you can make money on the internet.  So now for the list;

 Amazing Reasons to Work Online From Home

work online from home1. I have the freedom to work when I want, where I want; there is no boss. When you are your own boss you can work overtime, you can take days off, you can leave early or arrive late, etc. You only answer to yourself so you can work in the living room or at the coffee shop.

2. There is no 9-5 dailyWhen you work from home you can see more of the world and feel more free to take advantage of different opportunities that become open to you.  You can go on vacation and travel because your work can be done from anywhere!

3. You don’t have to get up early.  If you’re not a morning person than working from home is definitely the job for you.  You can sleep in and start working while still sipping your coffee and wearing your pajamas.

4. Take leave whenever you wantTraditional jobs often force you to work when you’re sick but you don’t have to do that when you work from home.  You also don’t have to request time off for a special event; you can just take it off.

5. Start your own projects.  When you’re not working for “the man” you don’t have to let your creativity is smothered.  If you have an idea that you want to try no one is there to stop you, so shoot for the stars!

6. Control your own scheduleThere is no such thing as having to “check your schedule” because your schedule is whatever you want it to be!  Only you know how much work you need to get done and how much time you need to do it.  So you are the only one who gets to decide when you need to sit down and do some work,

7. Learn new and enjoyable things every single day. At a typical office job the work can be extremely repetitive and boring.  But when you work from home you have the freedom to learn new skills that you are interested in.

8. Generate passive income streams to make more money:  When you work online you can make money while not doing anything!  Yep, it’s true.  If you set up passive income streams, you will constantly making money even when you aren’t working.

9. No driving in traffic jams or bad weather.  You don’t have to risk your life by driving in extremely bad weather every day and you don’t have to deal with being stuck in a traffic jam and listening to honking horns for an hour.

10. Don’t waste time on commuting.  In the time you spend commuting you could be working to make more money, eating a delicious breakfast, sleeping in, or spending time with your family. If you work from home you don’t have to be frustrated over all the wasted time.

11. Save Money: When you work from home you can save a lot of money because you don’t have to buy uniforms or fancy work clothes.  You don’t have to spend money on gas or car maintenance from driving so much.  You also won’t waste money on eating out during your lunch break.

12. Get Focused: When you work from home it’s easier to get focused on your work because you are doing something that you actually enjoy and you are in an environment that is comfortable for you.

13.  Boost your creativity by facing new challenges.  One of the best ways to become a better version of you is by challenging yourself.  Water doesn’t become tea by staying the same; water becomes tea by getting boiled!

14. Discover new cultures: The internet connects people from all over the world!  So while you’re working you can be talking to people in all sorts of different countries and getting to know what other cultures are like firsthand.

15. Be with your family 24/7 Instead of spending all your time with coworkers that you don’t like, you can be at home with your family.  When you take a break from work you can get hugs from your loved ones to refresh you!

In conclusion; working from home can be a scary decision and there is definitely a learn curve but it’s worth the risk because the benefits are endless! No matter what your motivations are from being a stay at home mom to having an illness – the internet is a great way to supplement or even replaces your income.


How To Make Money With Google Helpouts

What is Google Helpouts?

google helpoutsIntroducing new things to the world is customary to Google, the company has introduced a new online service called Google Helpouts, which is a mixture of Google Wallet and Google+ Hangouts, unlike having a voice chat with a friend in Hangouts, you can have a video chat with an expert to discuss an issue bothering you. The benefit of Helpouts stated by Google is to provide a platform for global reach. Google’s tagline for Helpouts is “real help from real people in real time”. Users can create one to one sessions with experts to seek help on any topic listed by Google, which cover music, technology, health and many more.

How Google Helpouts Works?

The customer and the expert can only interact when a Google Helpouts session is created, the expert and user can communicate with each other via video chat using a webcam and the option of sending messages is also available maintained by in-app chat program. The two people can also share their screen if needed plus the option of remote desktop access is also included.

How Google Helpouts Works

20 percent will go in Google’s pocket while the provider will receive other 80 percent. Google is offering a large number of categories.

  • Computers and Electronics
  • Arts and Music
  • Careers and Education
  • Cooking
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Health
  • Home and Garden
  • Fitness and Nutrition

As soon as Google accepts you as a services provider, your Helpouts page and profile is published. Helpouts providers can decide their availability hours for Helpouts sessions. Logging into your Helpouts page will immediately show your status as active. Online providers will be shown up above the inactive providers in a search result. Providers are provided with an option of scheduled appointments too.

Google has provided all the necessary tools required for a successful session such as the option of sharing screens, collaborating documents and message chat support apart from the video chat. The good part for customer is the Money Back Guarantee policy, if a customer feels that his demands are not met and requirements are not fulfilled then Google will honor the customer with payback. The company will consider every single case individually and take a decision accordingly after looking at the session report.

Providers may charge a 50 percent fee if the customer confirms to cancel the order.


How to Join Google Helpouts?

Google Helpouts is very tempting, you would definitely want to join it as an expert but it is not as easy as you would think, you will have to have faith in your luck that you may receive an invitation code, but you can request for it from Google. If you are willing to provide services on Google Helpouts then don’t waste any further time and apply for invitation code.

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Requirements for Google Helpouts

  • Google+ profile
  • Google Wallet account
  • Helpouts plug-in
  • Webcam

How to make money?

Making money with Helpouts is the most tempting feature, but how can you make money? There is no limit on what you can provide and there are countless ways to make money if you are good at something. You can charge the customer on hourly basis or per minute. As soon as someone acquires your services, you get paid the 80 percent of the total. You can teach someone a lesson, or tell how to fix a wordpress bug, how to install iOS 7 and the list goes on and on, the point is if you are good at anything you can make money by giving expert advice. It is basically a platform provided by Google to monetize your knowledge and skill. The real point is that you don’t need Google but they need YOU, Google want to fill the marketplace with skillful and informative people and for that they are happy to give the lions share.

Why Is It So Special?

Making Money Google Helpouts

You can make money with requiring these things.

  • no shopping card required
  • no affiliates needed
  • no domain name required
  • no SEO required
  • no social media marketing required
  • no social media bookmarking required

Provide Free Services:

You can also provide free of cost services to people in contrast to the paid services. These free services are beneficial in creating your online reputation all across the globe. If you think that these free services are of no use then you ought to be wrong, building reputation and getting positive responses will help you make a respectable profile which will eventually attract more customers.

 Read More Detail Ways To Make More Money With Google Helpouts


Although there is a freedom in providing all kinds of services, Google has imposed restrictions over few one like gambling lesson and private sex shows/lessons.


With all the benefits Google Helpouts has to offer it is still young and developing, a definite new place to earn money online. The future looks very bright for Helpouts because nearly every major company is associated with Google in some way. It’s a new and safer way to earn money and it is worth a try. With a passage of time more and more people will shift towards it and tough competition may hamper your money making chances.

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Make Money on Pinterest

How To Use Pinterest to make Money? Social Media plays an important role in our life and it has become a tool for sharing thoughts, ideas as well as images which includes video tapes that we compile to be shared with our friends and relatives. It is also a source of information that are happening recently. To name a few of these social media, that has helped me and most of my friends and marketers in the industry are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Pinterest.

From the five social media that I have sited, I would like to focus on Pinterest and expound on the benefits it gives us and more so the benefits businessperson gets by using this social media.

What is Pinterest?

Imagine yourself in a school. In every school there is always a bulletin board where any minute information is posted, from a simple lost and found item, school holidays to school board meetings. Pinterest works just like that. It shares information to all the members of the site. To sum it up, Pinterest is a pinboard, a collection of interests, images, events to be viewed by members.

Ever since social media went virtual, it has been exploited in a positive sense by businessmen for they know that the number of members in this site alone grew from 23 million in 2011 and still rising by the minute to this date.

How to make money with Pinterest?

A lot of people keep on asking, is there a way to make money on Pinterest when all you have to do is share images? True enough that you can make money but it does not happen over night, it needs hard work and dedication to be successful. But how do we really earn? Pinterest lets members share just about anything that they’d want to share and since sharing is relative, the things that are shared(photos, videos) are redirected to a website.

To understand this fully, let me give you an example, Lets say that I engage in selling coffee and I have a website for my business. My business is doing well and I want it to go further and be on the next level to selling it offshore or better yet globally. But there’s one problem that I must over come and that is the cost of getting my product to the other side and its visibility to my prospective consumers. Thus, I use Pinterest as my tool to be seen in a wider perspective. Pinterest lets me expand my business by sharing photos of my products that I am selling, and if ever someone hovers its cursor on the picture that I have shared and eventually clicks on it he/she will be redirected to my website.

Tips and tricks with Pinterest …….

The key to be successful, and this goes to all business ventures is

1. Always KNOW YOUR TARGET MARKET. Keep on pinning pictures that is related to what you are selling. Since we have sited coffee as our main line, post beautiful pictures of coffee makers with coffee beans, roasting coffee or just about anything that would entice your followers to follow you more.

2. PRODUCT INFORMATION. Describe your product in a way that it becomes more vivid to the minds of your followers coupled with photos that are simply irresistible and never forget to place a link that redirects to your site. In this manner, this will drive traffic to your site and traffic is synonymous to earnings.

3. BE ACTIVE. Do follow is a must. When you follow someones pin and repin what he has pinned he/she will also follow you and will also repin what you have pinned. This is called reciprocating and will grow your followers.

4. VISIBILITY. As I have mentioned  earlier, social media gives a wider perspective on a product that you are selling, exploit it and use the other medias that I have mentioned to promote your pins.

The Detail Game Plan on Make Money with Pinterest

  1. Find your niche

Base on the research, we find some profitable niche for you as: food, home décor, travel, craft, diet and fitness. You can get more information about your niche by go to Pinterst and search on your niche. You may get the niche from the newspaper. Remember your customer with 100k income per year, 80% are female with the age from 25-45 years old.

Make money with Pinterest

Credit: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1670750/infographic-the-astounding-power-of-pinterest#1

Pinterest infographic

Credit: http://pinbliss.com/pinterest-growth-infographic/

2. Pinterest account: After choose your niche, make an Pinterest account, make some relate boards and repin, follow others, you may use female avatar and add some words for your bio.

Each days, you need to spend one hour to repin and follow 100 target users.

How to find target account? You go to certain category, search with your niche and you will see the board with similar to your niche, follow all of them step by step. If you know how to code, it will be easy more or you may use Imarco to auto this boring works. (Tip: you can hire someone code it for you with $5 at Fivver.com.

After you have more than 1000 target followers, you need to have a website, if you have a website already you can skip this step.

3. Your website:

Buy a domain, you will head to Goddady and get the .com domain with less than $10, after that buy a hosting. The hosting service is HostGator which is a high quality hosting site with very good support services. Many my friends have had good experiences with them and highly recommend them.
You can use their unlimited web hosting which is Hatchling Plan (single domain) or Baby Plan (unlimited domains) for one month. I discovered some coupon codes for one month hosting and this is still working.



    1. Now install wordpress at Hostgator, I will not go to detail, you can follow the video bellow:

     2. Pin your url: Whenever your blog post, you need to pin it to your board on Pinterest, or you can auto this step with Social Networks Auto Poster {SNAP}

3.  The content of your blog: this must be good, readable and the important: the image must be good, because people will repin your pin. Would you follow a board or user with crappy links in the description and crappy images? or would you follow someone providing amazing images? You need mix your pin with other pins as ratio: 20%-30% your pin:40%-60% repin others:10%-40% add new pin of other website. It will make natural and we will work long-term.

4. How to monetize your website? With this method, I had good income with Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate with separate website. You can also try Commission Junction(CJ), or your own products.

5. Scale up: When you see the traffic coming, find where it is and just scale it up.


Pinterest is a social media platform that lets you share almost anything from your organize pictures. It  gives you a chance without any cost to share this images. To a businessperson’s perspective, this site gives you the opportunity to be visible in the virtual world and become competitive with other businesses. So, explore this site and earn good income.

How to make money on Teacherspayteachers

When we talk about Teacherspayteachers  this website is open for all the teacher who can provide their visual aids, creative materials and anything that is related to their teaching for stationing their educational supplies for a reasonable price at the internet as well as they can obtain their particular teaching materials for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge of the students in their respective school and as a parent, if you want to engage your child in a home study program you can visit this site for additional research materials. [Read more…]

Make Money With Seekyt

seekyt reviews

seekyt review

If you happen to have a talent in writing articles on anything that comes to your mind just visit Seekyt because this site can make you money online on your article that links to any affiliate program such as Google Adsense and the Amazon. This website can generate more income on the part of the writer.

What is Seekyt? And how to make money on it?

When making money through Seekyt it’s simple just like learning ABC. When writing an article you have to be original, creative, and best of all  know how to interact with your readers because in this way you will know how and where your capabilities are in enticing the readers to read more on the article that you wrote. In doing this the more readers will tend to visit your site and thus creating more revenues between you and affiliate network such as Google Adsense and Amazon. In terms of profit sharing on Seekyt it has seventy percent on Adsense and in return you get one-hundred percent on that income from the seventy percent of Adsense upon submitting your featured article that are hosted by Seekyt. Anyone can avail this seventy percent to anybody who wants to join in Seekyt. More over it is easier to post excellent article which do not require lots of images and it’s up for the writer to add links to his written article. in addition, Amazon product also has a key role in multiplying your back links because you will have a chance to review their product and prospective customers can choose anything they want on your site thus saving them time and money. Furthermore, Seekyt is a unique site because one of the menu option on the main page has a promising keyword that could be added up to your already existing income that triples every time the reader clicks on your site and that means you had already established your footing in a world of blogging where any kind of business opportunities never ends. In view of this writers should think what benefits should he get once he enter in this kind of trade off and where is the most sought after article writing site in the internet so that you can start earning quickly on your fine articles.

Tips and tricks to succeed with Seekyt

As a writer you should have  good quality articles that could easily post and can be easily understood by the readers. Furthermore be creative in writing your stories because through this it can definitely capture the imagination of the audience and they tend to view your articles even more. Originality is the name of the game when making a featured article because sometimes authors tend to forget what they are writing is all about and most of all find out what the readers want most in your article so that you can furnish what they need. In addition be direct to the point of the topic in your article to avoid misunderstanding between the readers in general. Once your article is well known you can tap Seekyt because this blog site can help you in generating more income by giving you a keyword and adding your links to GoogleAdsense and Amazon Product thus making it more profitable and also there is a possibility that your article will be ranked to become the highest viewed article and the last tip that I want to introduce to you is when making an article it must come from the heart.

Conclusion About Seekyt

Being a member of this prestigious site, I can honestly say that Seekyt is one of the many sites out there that lets you write and make you earn. It is unique in a way from other sites because of its simplicity and you get to express your thoughts.

Wizzley: I make money with Wizzley

I have been an article writer for quite sometime now and have been contributing to distinguished blogging platforms in the internet ever since. Today, a new blogging platform hits the virtual world with a twist and its community is increasing by the minute. The site is called Wizzley.


Wizzley review

Wizzley make money

So what is Wizzley?

Wizzley is a blogging platform for people who wanted to share their views, thoughts, experiences and just about anything that is worth reading for the benefit of readers. I have mentioned above that Wizzley has a twist and pretty much different from Squidoo and Hubpages. Though Wizzley is made by people behind the sites I have mentioned, there is really a twist aside from earning. Wizzley has a do follow link to your site (once you are accepted to write) and Google will automatically index your published articles.

How to make money with Wizzley? let me count the ways…….

1. Wizzley gives you the freedom to write quality articles in return they will pay you in the form of revenue sharing. This is done by either integrating your Google Adsense ID, Chitika or Viglink to name a few. These sites are the ones responsible displaying ads to your articles and revenue is calculated by cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPM).

Let me go further in discussing CPC and CPM, both of these are very important when we talk of making money in blogging platforms and this is true with Wizzley. Both are distinct from each other but are interrelated in a way. If you noticed ads that are displayed on your article, this could be brought about by Google Adsense, Chitika, Viglink or the publisher Id’s that you have attached in Wizzley. CPC are the clicks received on the displayed ads on your articles (take note: human clicks and not machine generated) while c.p.m.’s are the visits that your article has attracted people whether by chance or purpose. (the higher the number of visits the better)

2. Any purchased items by your reader through the articles you have submitted, you get 50% of the proceeds, thus, Zazzle and Amazon accounts goes well with Wizzley for they are affiliate partners in the industry.

3. Referral program is also inculcated in the system of Wizzley. The writer keeps 10% on the purchased item.

This is a good platform for bloggers for you get to write and share just about anything that interests you and you get paid for it.

Tips and tricks to succeed in Wizzley

The site accepts good writers to write quality posts for them. Thus, accepting takes time for you will be tested through your writing skills. You will be obliged  to submit five articles and this will be on the review stage by the administrator. Upon submitting the said articles, do follow is not at the moment visible but once the five articles are accepted and published for readers to read, the sixth and succeeding articles will have a do follow tag to your site. The bottom line is write good and quality posts in order to succeed in this blogging platform.

Another tip that I could impart is proof read the articles you have made before submitting, in this way you could minimize or eradicate wrong grammar, and misspelled words as well as wrong punctuation marks that would mislead your readers from the point you are trying to convey. Be wary of these scenarios for readers have a thin line behind their mind and would automatically break once something is not understandable from the content of your article. Last but not least, is to make your readers crave for more, write in a way that would tickle their fancies. Make your article linger in their senses and eventually they will come looking for your article.


There are numerous blogging platform out there and I have mentioned a few that lets you share your thoughts and pay you for your contributions, but Wizzley is different in a way for you are not alone every step of the way, members here are willing to help in any way they can, so is to achieve your goal of success.

Google and all other search engines like good posts and it will readily index your article submitted which means you get ranked from the search engines fast.

So if you have the inclination to write or a writer who writes quality posts, this site is for you. You get to share your writing skills and at the same time earn.

Free Free To Share Your Comments About Make Money With Wizzley.

Make money with Hubpages

What is Hubpages?

The best definition which I could give to the question above is,  it is a site  or a publishing flatform for article writers, bloggers to write on subjects that they have interests’ in, be it current news, information, a story or simply a rant that happens in a day to day existence  in return earn extra cash in a form of percentage from the displayed ads in your hub or from Amazon affiliate program ( article are called hubs ).



make money Hubpages

How to make money with Hubpages ?

Basically, the fundamental understanding of generating income is to write articles, get it approved  published and you get a percentage on the clicked ad that is displayed on your hub or the commission on Amazon affiliate program from 4%-10% .

So the next question is, how do I get traffic and eventually get people clicking on my ads or buy through my affiliate links?

Basically, a Hubber as what writers are called in this site is not that easy but there are simple ways that even a newbie could do and earn a substantial amount. First, lets  take a consideration that traffic is synonymous to money and without traffic to a site it’s useless to earn.

Keyword Research

The first and the most vital in article writing is a key word or key phrase.  Key word or key phrase are the words that people key in to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These are the things that people are searching for, it could be an entertainment, a service, a product or just about anything that they want to search on. These searches are monitored and ranked by search engines. As for me before I write, I look on key words that has a high possibility of optimization for it gives traffic.

SEO Optimize for Search Engine

Second is the placement of these words, key words must be placed strategically within the article, it’s not advisable to litter it everywhere . Literally speaking, it should appear four times,  in the title of the article, first few sentences, in the middle part or the body of the article and the last few sentences. These will provide virtual crawlers ( Google bot and Bing bot ) to name a few to hover and go smoothly on your article.

Unique and Useful

Third, is write a good article that is not copied or a generic to someone else’s work, in this way your readers will eventually come back to read more making them your network of audience.

Google AdSense is the bread and butter of Hubpages. It is the one that displays ads to a Hubers article thus, it goes along together harmoniously. And Amazon affiliate program will work if your hubs relate to product reviews or books.

Hubpages accepts hubers both experienced and newbie to write for them. Hubers get the chance to share their written work and earn in return from the ads clicked on their hub or commission on Amazon and the site also gets a fair share from the income generated. Hubpages has all the rights on the submitted article while the hubers keep the copyright.

If you have the inclination to write on any subject or your passion is writing . Hubpages is the site for you. You get to express what’s on your mind and in return earn some cash from the articles you’ve submitted.

Please share your comment about make money with Hubpages.