How To Create Video That Gets Massive Traffic With Recastly

People like visual effects, and improving your video marketing can do wonders for your traffic. When watching a video, people often neglect the sound and focus on the content. Including subtitles on a video is important so that people can follow the flow of events. That’s where Recastly comes into the picture. Read on and learn all about adding subtitles to your video efficiently.

How To Create Video That Gets Massive Traffic With Recastly

Introducing Recastly

Recastly is one of the most used software programs in video editing. The process of adding hardcode subtitles is both time consuming and complicated. This is why Recastly is used to simplify the process. This software can translate your subtitles into many languages. Furthermore, this software has a built-in voice generator you can use to add small touches to the video. So, why do people choose Recastly? It’s simple. It boosts your traffic, gets you more views and clicks, and enables you to earn more money. Recastly makes video marketing fun, and you can never underestimate the importance of video marketing. Read on and learn about the main features of this amazing software.

Recastly features

What can you do with Recastly?

4 Key Benefits of Recastly

recastly key benefits

Boost your Traffic and Ranking

Boost your Traffic and Ranking

We would all like our videos to go viral. To make a video reach worldwide popularity, you must see what people like. People love videos with subtitles. Consider the popularity of all the motivational Facebook and YouTube videos. You’ll notice one thing – a vast majority of them have subtitles.

The popularity of these videos often lies in the fact that Google ‘likes’ videos with subtitles. Better ranking means more traffic and, consequently, more earnings for you. You don’t need to spend too much time creating ranking and traffic-boosting strategies. Recastly will help you take your video marketing to another level.

Accurate Transcription

The next important feature this technology masterpiece offers is flawless transcription accuracy. This software delivers subtitles with more than 90% accuracy. For the remaining 10%, which is a reasonable mistake margin, you can always edit the titles line-by-line.

Variety of Languages

Variety of Languages with Recastly

Recastly offers human voices in more than 50 languages and more than 20 accents. This is important for spreading your business to other markets and boosting your audience.

Built-in Voice Generator

Built-in Voice Generator with Recastly

The built-in voice generator feature offers an additional option for people who love to create videos but hate the sound of their own voice played back to them. Recastly offers a very natural-sounding voice in more than 50 languages and 20 accents

Bottom Line

Recastly is the first available software that automatically creates subtitles in more than 50 languages. After it generates subtitles, you can hardcode them onto your videos. You can later convert those subtitles into 50+ languages. This way, the software will save you a lot of time while offering the exquisite features we talked about in this article. In summary, Recastly will give you a lot more than you expect, because it is an exquisite software that will help your videos go viral.

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