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Being a marketer needs hard work and dedication to be successful in your field, and we cannot do away, the stiff competition that we encounter on a regular basis as we go through our routine in selling, these could either be an item, a service, or  simply an idea or concept that might be useful for others. So, the question stands, how do we get noticed and stand out from the rest of these marketers that shares same niche that we are trying to promote in the vast world of the world wide web?

I am pretty sure that you have asked this question and somehow fall short to the plans you have applied to remedy the situation.

There are actually a lot of ways to get the attentions of prospective buyers and eventually compel them to buy from your niche.

Two free tools will help you make great video intro makers:

1 Free video intro maker templates camtasia studio 8

I love the outdoors and have been travelling ever since. Most of the time or shall I say every travel that I make I am accompanied by my camera and video cam to take pictures of scenery’s, the people that I met, food and most specially the culture that is endemic to a certain place. I love to record everything that I encounter so as to keep track of the fun and enjoyable moments that I have had with my journey.

By the turn of the century, taking pictures as well as videos are things of the past, through the years it has evolve to a much enjoyable undertaking where you could edit everything by a single click of your mouse, and that is with the use of CAMTASIA, camtasia studio version 8 developed by Techsmith is an online video maker where you can do all the things you want when it comes to enhancing videos for the benefit of clarity and fun. As the technology evolves in film making so as camtasia, from the first version to the latest which is eight and this was brought about by the ever changing demands of people who had fun with this application. It is much easier to use (user friendly) and informative navigation keys helps even beginners to run smoothly over the enhancement that they wanted to make. There is no need for tutorials to achieve what you want.

camtasia studio 8

Free video intro maker templates camtasia studio 8

Looking back to the 90’s where video cam was a craze and having one was not cheap, everything recorded to your cam is the movement and the sound (w.y.s.i.w.y.g.). There is no way you can enhance the quality of your take not even adjust the hue of the colors or even reduced the unwanted background sounds that are undesirable, even uploading a video to your p.c. is worst for it may not be accepted for one good reason “compatibility” and this is brought about by the files extension. With CAMTASIA these where eliminated, extensions such as MPG, MPEG, VVMV, MOV, SWF, BMP, GIF, to name a few are easily imported due to its new multi-track interface.

I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with Youtube, social media like facebook and Google+ and websites that you visit to read articles or news. Have you noticed the videos that are shared by the sites, it is made by the use of camtasia very vivid. This video tool is both for newbie and professional. That comes with a 30 day trial.

I have tried this video tool and had fun doing editing on my own to enhance the takes I’ve made during my travel. I get to share the vivid sceneries  along the way and capture every detail that is foreign to me and share the edited videos to my friends through my social media account.

2. Flixpress

I would like to share with you a simple remedy and this is with the use of Flixpress. Ever heard of this word? I guess, yes to some but for the benefit to those who have not heard of this site, Flixpress is a video maker. You might ask again, what it has to do with being notice. Tens of thousands or millions of people surf the net every day and what is captured primarily by the brain is the thing that passes through the eyes. What fascinate the eyes are videos or moving ads.

FLIXPRESS is a video tool that helps marketers create slogan campaign, title to a cause, product that is being promoted, and awareness or just about anything paralleled with video templates that are freshly updated in the sites library. FLIXPRESS is easy to use and you have the freedom to personalize or customize the chosen template with just a click of your mouse and it easy to use (user friendly).

Now that you have a glimpse of Flixpress. I am quite positive that I got your attention to this wonderful tool, let me go further, to able to acquire any video template to this site, first and foremost you have to register. as a member you can send credit to your account by using Paypal but if you don’t have one you can use your credit card. By the time you finish transferring an amount you will be redirected to your account balance and the credited amount will appear  to your account. After all that’s been said and done, freedom to choose from the wide array of video templates is yours for the taking.



FLIXPRESS has help me a lot and could be the remedy to your problem of being noticed. This is not limited to marketers but to all who needs video enhancing. It goes well with social media like Facebook and Youtube. You can share vivid images with your friends…

I am happy and contented to the help it provided me and I would like to invite you to try these tool and have the experience I had when I was doing my editing.

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