How To Make Money With Google Helpouts

What is Google Helpouts?

google helpoutsIntroducing new things to the world is customary to Google, the company has introduced a new online service called Google Helpouts, which is a mixture of Google Wallet and Google+ Hangouts, unlike having a voice chat with a friend in Hangouts, you can have a video chat with an expert to discuss an issue bothering you. The benefit of Helpouts stated by Google is to provide a platform for global reach. Google’s tagline for Helpouts is “real help from real people in real time”. Users can create one to one sessions with experts to seek help on any topic listed by Google, which cover music, technology, health and many more.

How Google Helpouts Works?

The customer and the expert can only interact when a Google Helpouts session is created, the expert and user can communicate with each other via video chat using a webcam and the option of sending messages is also available maintained by in-app chat program. The two people can also share their screen if needed plus the option of remote desktop access is also included.

How Google Helpouts Works

20 percent will go in Google’s pocket while the provider will receive other 80 percent. Google is offering a large number of categories.

  • Computers and Electronics
  • Arts and Music
  • Careers and Education
  • Cooking
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Health
  • Home and Garden
  • Fitness and Nutrition

As soon as Google accepts you as a services provider, your Helpouts page and profile is published. Helpouts providers can decide their availability hours for Helpouts sessions. Logging into your Helpouts page will immediately show your status as active. Online providers will be shown up above the inactive providers in a search result. Providers are provided with an option of scheduled appointments too.

Google has provided all the necessary tools required for a successful session such as the option of sharing screens, collaborating documents and message chat support apart from the video chat. The good part for customer is the Money Back Guarantee policy, if a customer feels that his demands are not met and requirements are not fulfilled then Google will honor the customer with payback. The company will consider every single case individually and take a decision accordingly after looking at the session report.

Providers may charge a 50 percent fee if the customer confirms to cancel the order.


How to Join Google Helpouts?

Google Helpouts is very tempting, you would definitely want to join it as an expert but it is not as easy as you would think, you will have to have faith in your luck that you may receive an invitation code, but you can request for it from Google. If you are willing to provide services on Google Helpouts then don’t waste any further time and apply for invitation code.

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Requirements for Google Helpouts

  • Google+ profile
  • Google Wallet account
  • Helpouts plug-in
  • Webcam

How to make money?

Making money with Helpouts is the most tempting feature, but how can you make money? There is no limit on what you can provide and there are countless ways to make money if you are good at something. You can charge the customer on hourly basis or per minute. As soon as someone acquires your services, you get paid the 80 percent of the total. You can teach someone a lesson, or tell how to fix a wordpress bug, how to install iOS 7 and the list goes on and on, the point is if you are good at anything you can make money by giving expert advice. It is basically a platform provided by Google to monetize your knowledge and skill. The real point is that you don’t need Google but they need YOU, Google want to fill the marketplace with skillful and informative people and for that they are happy to give the lions share.

Why Is It So Special?

Making Money Google Helpouts

You can make money with requiring these things.

  • no shopping card required
  • no affiliates needed
  • no domain name required
  • no SEO required
  • no social media marketing required
  • no social media bookmarking required

Provide Free Services:

You can also provide free of cost services to people in contrast to the paid services. These free services are beneficial in creating your online reputation all across the globe. If you think that these free services are of no use then you ought to be wrong, building reputation and getting positive responses will help you make a respectable profile which will eventually attract more customers.

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Although there is a freedom in providing all kinds of services, Google has imposed restrictions over few one like gambling lesson and private sex shows/lessons.


With all the benefits Google Helpouts has to offer it is still young and developing, a definite new place to earn money online. The future looks very bright for Helpouts because nearly every major company is associated with Google in some way. It’s a new and safer way to earn money and it is worth a try. With a passage of time more and more people will shift towards it and tough competition may hamper your money making chances.

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