Understand The Background Of Internet Marketing For Newbies Now

1. What is Internet Marketing for Newbies?

This is an e- course by Larry Kearney. Internet Marketing for Newbies will show you step by step guide to success with internet marketing. It includes 12 parts:

internet marketing for newbies review
  • Part 1- Choose an appropriate niche: How to choose a channel and find your audience in the BIG Internet world
  • Part 2- Website Building: How to create a great website in no time ... even if you do not have the technical skills to speak now.
  • Part 3- Increase conversions: How to drive conversions on your website so that visitors convert into customers quickly.
  • Part 4- Ranking on Google: How to climb the ranks of Google using something called smart SEO (or Search Engine Optimization)
  • Part 5- Importance of SEO: Why SEO is one of the most powerful methods to get online traffic and why you should focus on it.
  • Part 6- Build blog power: How to provide value through a blog and become a "thought leader" in your industry
  • Part 7- Mailing Lists: How to build and run a mailing list and why having a mailing list can be one of the most profitable things you have ever done in your business.
  • Part 8- Social Media: Why you should focus on social media and how to create a thriving social media channel.
  • Part 9- Create great articles: How to write gorgeous articles and killer sales scripts right away
  • Part 10- Press Release: The power of press releases and how to use them to get traffic from some of the largest online news sites.
  • Part 11- Build a sales page: How to create a sales page, video sales letter, and other tools to monetize your business.
  • Part 12- Relationship Building: How to work with other Internet marketers to create win-win relationships

2. Internet Marketing for Newbies Main Features

Internet Marketing For Newbies ebook download
  • This is a training course with high quality video format
  • It includes: sales page, high quality graphics, video sales letter
  • It is PLR (Private Label Rights) products, you can put your name, make it your own, sell it.

3. Internet Marketing For Newbies Complete Sales Funnel With PLR Bonus

  • Bonus 1: Internet Marketing Cheat Sheet
Internet Marketing For Newbies cheat sheet
  • Bonus 2: Internet Marketing Mind Map
Internet Marketing For Newbies mindmap
  • Bonus 3: Internet Marketing Resource Guide
Internet Marketing For Newbies resources

4. Internet Marketing for Newbies Conclusion

Internet Marketing For Newbies is a good electronics course and good PLR products with fully integrated sales channels ready, you can resell it or build your mailing list easily.

Internet Marketing for Newbies

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