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When we talk about Teacherspayteachers  this website is open for all the teacher who can provide their visual aids, creative materials and anything that is related to their teaching for stationing their educational supplies for a reasonable price at the internet as well as they can obtain their particular teaching materials for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge of the students in their respective school and as a parent, if you want to engage your child in a home study program you can visit this site for additional research materials.

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I still remember when I was six years old  my mom would usually wake up at early dawn just to work on her daily lesson plan and preparing visual aids and reading material for her students and at the same time, she is doing things as a mother would do for me and for my brothers. It’s hard for her to cope up with her work because in their generation as a teacher they are not yet in the era of internet technology where everything is easy for just one click away and her daily income was not so great.

Furthermore the government in those days were not particularly aware of how important the role of a teacher would be in building the nation because in terms of national budget they are not given a priority list way back in 1970’s that’s why in order for us to survive my mom would usually sell any kind of pastries in the market and at the same time during her spare time, she would even accept tutorial services for the students who can afford to pay and thanks to her effort we did finish our degree. Now that i think about it how lucky the teachers now days, because where everything is available in the internet . Now there is a site that exist which is called Teacherspayteachers were in this site they can cater the needs of all the teachers out there were they can post their educational materials from thesis, reading materials as well as creative props for the graders and at the same time they can sell it to those who need it for teaching purposes.


It is easier to make money on Teacherspayteachers by making your teaching materials visible in the net and through this you can be seen to all the teachers that are always surfing the net and thus giving you more additional income in your salary because in general all teachers are working moms and they want an  easier way to lessen their time in preparing their daily lesson plan so that they can also tend to their child’s  need.

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As a teacher, it is easier for me to do my work especially that I was assign to the 3rd grader. I can easily browse in the net. Where teacherspayteachers can provide me with good materials for my students and at the same time there is exchange of ideas with my co teacher in this site, in doing so it is less time consuming on my part to do my daily lesson plan and furthermore I can better teach my class were can they easily understand on what I’m teaching them regarding on what subject that are needed to be discuss. Secondly, I could also post my visual aids, reading article and research work for a higher price in this site. Aside from that it will definitely increase my daily income were i can provide better future for my family.


As you venture in this site, make sure that your educational materials are in demand on the market were teacher can easily purchase your stuff at a given price that you set off. Secondly, your teaching material must be related to their  research work and has a quality in it so that they can search for more in your site which means the more chances your materials would be hit  in the net and your salary in day to day basis would increase triple times that you would hope for and bear in mind, aside from your client, there is also what you called referral to other teachers that has the possibility of acquiring your educational materials on line. so therefore there is a chances that you will be given a ranking rate on this site were in you could be in demand for quantity of your teaching data.


Once you set up your dreams of becoming a successful teacher don’t stop on finding ways and means of exploring your knowledge and imparting them to your co teachers through Teacherspayteachers were they can also view your idea and share it to their students for by doing so their knowledge would increase. In addition, your take home pay would be much better and not to worry anymore about the future of your kids.

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