Make money with Hubpages

What is Hubpages?

The best definition which I could give to the question above is,  it is a site  or a publishing flatform for article writers, bloggers to write on subjects that they have interests’ in, be it current news, information, a story or simply a rant that happens in a day to day existence  in return earn extra cash in a form of percentage from the displayed ads in your hub or from Amazon affiliate program ( article are called hubs ).



make money Hubpages

How to make money with Hubpages ?

Basically, the fundamental understanding of generating income is to write articles, get it approved  published and you get a percentage on the clicked ad that is displayed on your hub or the commission on Amazon affiliate program from 4%-10% .

So the next question is, how do I get traffic and eventually get people clicking on my ads or buy through my affiliate links?

Basically, a Hubber as what writers are called in this site is not that easy but there are simple ways that even a newbie could do and earn a substantial amount. First, lets  take a consideration that traffic is synonymous to money and without traffic to a site it’s useless to earn.

Keyword Research

The first and the most vital in article writing is a key word or key phrase.  Key word or key phrase are the words that people key in to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These are the things that people are searching for, it could be an entertainment, a service, a product or just about anything that they want to search on. These searches are monitored and ranked by search engines. As for me before I write, I look on key words that has a high possibility of optimization for it gives traffic.

SEO Optimize for Search Engine

Second is the placement of these words, key words must be placed strategically within the article, it’s not advisable to litter it everywhere . Literally speaking, it should appear four times,  in the title of the article, first few sentences, in the middle part or the body of the article and the last few sentences. These will provide virtual crawlers ( Google bot and Bing bot ) to name a few to hover and go smoothly on your article.

Unique and Useful

Third, is write a good article that is not copied or a generic to someone else’s work, in this way your readers will eventually come back to read more making them your network of audience.

Google AdSense is the bread and butter of Hubpages. It is the one that displays ads to a Hubers article thus, it goes along together harmoniously. And Amazon affiliate program will work if your hubs relate to product reviews or books.

Hubpages accepts hubers both experienced and newbie to write for them. Hubers get the chance to share their written work and earn in return from the ads clicked on their hub or commission on Amazon and the site also gets a fair share from the income generated. Hubpages has all the rights on the submitted article while the hubers keep the copyright.

If you have the inclination to write on any subject or your passion is writing . Hubpages is the site for you. You get to express what’s on your mind and in return earn some cash from the articles you’ve submitted.

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