How Are You Able To Make Money With Teespring?

If you fancy yourself an entrepreneur, chances are you have heard about the possibility of making money with Teespring. If you are creative and have a knack for coming up with witty material that makes people laugh, chances are good that you could make money with Teespring. What is Teespring? How are you able to make money with this service, and what do you have to know about it before you are able to get started? I am going to take you down the rabbit hole and tell you everything you need to know before you can make money with Teespring.

What Is Teespring?

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Teespring is a relatively new idea in which you are able to come up with the design of custom T-shirts. If you have a funny line or a funny picture, you can make it into a t-shirt. The great thing about Teespring is that you do not need any inventory. You also do not need to spend any money before you are able to get started with Teespring.

The concept behind it is relatively simple; you promote and sell your custom T-shirt. Teespring creates it when enough people decide to buy it. With that in mind, it is not unlike a Kickstarter concept – the shirt goes to print only once enough people decide that this shirt is something they want.

Can You Make Actual Money With Teespring?

The answer to this question really depends on how successful your T-shirt design turns out to be. Many people come up with a concept they like, and they end up selling zero T-shirts – they make no money whatsoever. Some people come up with a single clever concept and make a few hundred dollars with Teespring; others make it their full-time job to create fun shirts and are now pulling in thousands upon thousands of dollars. Successful entrepreneurs are pulling in thousands of dollars each month.

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Facebook Ads The Secret Weapon

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The real secret weapon for people who want to make money with Teespring is simple: Facebook marketing. There are some who suggest that spending just $10 in Facebook marketing per campaign will allow you to target the right number of people. This is when you are able to tell whether the design of your T-shirt has the potential to go ‘viral.’

Because you are able to target such a specific niche market with Facebook advertising, you can really target a specific T-shirt to an audience that will appreciate your design. While that certainly does not guarantee that you are going to sell your T-shirt, it does mean that you have a much better chance of selling anything.

How Are You Able To Succeed With Teespring?

If you are interested in making money with Teespring, I want to discuss the different steps you will go through to do so:

  • Research a niche – You might assume that the first step is going to be coming up with a great design, but that is true only if you have a “can’t-miss” T-shirt that you want to sell. Try to find a market that is relatively small (but still large enough to increase your odds of selling your design) and then try to market your product. Rather than focusing on all rugby fans, decide to focus on 40+ male rugby fans. This is a far more targeted market.
  • Come up with a great T-shirt idea – You want to come up with something that actually speaks to your target audience. It is difficult to give you an exact idea here (after all, you cannot speak to all audiences, and creativity is relatively difficult to teach), but you want something that is going to make your target audience laugh or take notice. Or give them something that allows them to make a statement.
Make Money With Teespring
  • Design the actual T-shirt – Fortunately, this process is simple thanks to the great tools that Teespring has. The online tools allow you to use their fonts and clipart options (from an extensive library) or you can just upload your own design. If you are not good with Photoshop or Paint, it might be a good idea to just stick with a traditional text shirt. You can design the shirt that you want to use or decide that you want to offer some more variety in your product (hoodies, premium tees, and regular tees, for example).
  • Create Facebook advertisements – You have to spend money to make money; we have all heard this before. Because you have so much control over what audience you want to target, Facebook is still the best option for people trying to make money with Teespring. You do not want to spend too much, but you also do not want to spend too little. If you find that you are spending 10 or 12 dollars and not selling a single T-shirt, it is a good idea to stop the campaign after a while. Having a few different ads also allows you to play around with the design of your banner a bit.
  • Make money – This is the final step, in which you actually make money with Teespring. If you have a good design and have targeted the right audience, with a little bit of luck you are going to start making money. There are people who have 12 unsuccessful campaigns to one successful one. That is why you want to limit the money you spend on campaigns; you do not want the unsuccessful options to bring down your successes.


Just because your T-shirt does not become an overnight success does not mean that making money with Teespring is not for you. There are some people who spent hundreds of dollars on advertising before they finally saw a few dollars in return. The important thing is that you read as much information as you can, try to narrow down your niche market as much as possible, and ultimately come up with a design that people are going to want to wear.

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