SITE5 Hosting Review: An excellent provider

Site5 Background

Site5 was founded in 1998 and focuses on hosting for designers, developers and their clients. Site5 provides a custom backend control panel called Backstage that lets clients jump from account to account easily and create additional users with specific security roles.
The company runs with a 100-percent remote team and has more than 100 employees – and more than 50,000 clients – spread out around the world. It gives clients their choice of more than 19 locations for shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and managed and unmanaged VPS. This provides a slight edge in terms of local SEO efforts and faster websites for visitors in that region. Site5 also offers 24/7 live chat and ticket support, plus telephone support during American business hours. The support team and the people behind the scenes are important when you need them; if you never need them, it’s because they’re doing their job well.

 Why Host With Site5 Hosting?

Site5, with its trial offer of 30 days free, has several distinct advantages over other site hosts. While it offers tutorials in its knowledge base, it also has live support that is polite and easy to work with. Site5 will work with you as long as you need it to, ensuring that you achieve your setup with 100-percent satisfaction. Pricing starts at one site for $4.95 per month, to $8.95 per month for unlimited sites, to $11.95 per month for free dedicated IP and 24/7 phone support. All plans include free migration.
A lot of providers are out there, but some are resellers of resellers. That’s why some hosting sites show low prices, but offer support not directly tied to the datacenter. Buyer beware! Do your homework before you make your decision. In addition to its uptime and performance, because Site5 is a direct provider, it’s an even better value for your money.

Many hosts have issues with bogging down, but Site5 is very speedy. The server has 15 Xeon CPUs at 2.4GHz and 24GB of RAM, along with unlimited websites and unlimited bandwidth. After using a Python script that targets speed test, I got 500mbits DL and 270Mbits UP. The response time to questions, issues and requests is faster than many. SSL Certificate installation response time was 15 minutes, while an email question was answered in 10 minutes. Site5 has real people address your problems and needs as quickly as possible.
The company’s administration page is second to none. It’s very easy to use and very straightforward. You’ll never feel as though Site5 is trying to upsell you. The company just presents the settings and you go from there.


Overall, Site5 is a very good hosting company with the technology, background and technical support to keep its customers satisfied. It is most definitely recommended for anyone, from beginners to those with advanced technical knowledge. It offers a variety of upgrade paths as well. Site5 is an excellent provider, and transparent as well. Factor in your value for the money, as well as the 30-day trial, and this is a deal too good not to investigate.

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