Top Fiverr gigs – Best Gigs On Fiverr That Can Work For You

Fiverr is an online platform through which anyone can offer services for a minimum of $5. It is a marketplace where “Fiver gigs” (i.e., tasks and services) such as web and graphics design, resume and cover letter writing, SEO services, translation, and so on can be contracted to freelancers and professionals at a cost-effective price. Fiverr gig services can cost as much as $500 depending on the complexity of the job. Fiverr was jointly founded by Micha Kaufma and Shai Wininger in 2009, and launched in early 2010.

Why Choose Fiverr

Fiverr services

Compared to other freelance websites, Fiverr is the easiest to use. Signing up is a simple process requiring just an email address. Fiverr’s interface is easy to navigate, and the process of collaboration between buyers and sellers is quite direct. For buyers—you look, you like, you buy. For sellers—you create, you promote, you sell.

Fiverr maintains a large number of users who offer various services and products. The dynamic nature of Fiverr gigs makes the website a good marketplace for virtually any work you can think of.

In addition, information about the seller, buyer reviews and ratings, and instructions about how the site works encourage you to sign up.

Ultimately, you will love Fiverr.

 Fiverr Pros And Cons

As a new user, you may want to know about the pros and cons of Fiverr before joining the platform.


Fiverr is easy to use. The interaction it fosters is engaging, and you can offer several services, such as logo design, site promotion, article writing, video testimonials, banners, etc.

Also, with costs as low as $5, you can get a good deal if you purchase a basic Fiverr gig. On other sites, such as Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk), Guru, and Freelance, the price is about $10 to $15 per job. In addition, you can manage services and outsource easily, as you do not need to hire a team and find work for them every day. Fiverr is perfect for start-up businesses.


A major disadvantage to using Fiverr is that you may run into amateur sellers who deliver late orders. Another issue buyer’s face is that some services rendered are not as good as they were described.

How To Choose Good Fiverr Service?

Best gigs on Fiverr that work for your business

As much as you want to quickly hire someone to get your job done, it is imperative that you research the platform first so that you get the best value for your money.

To avoid falling for scammers and incompetent sellers, read through the seller’s description and reviews. This will give you insight into the quality and consistency of the service that the seller offers. Also look at the seller’s estimated delivery time and level of responsiveness. This will give you information about how quickly the seller responds to correspondence and completes tasks.

Furthermore, realize that not all services go for $5. If you have a job that a seller is offering to do for an unbelievable amount, the chance exists that he or she isn’t competent. Contact the seller and have one or two conversations with him or her before placing your order.

Finally, order gigs from various sellers; this will help you choose the best freelancer—the one with whom you want to work consistently.

Best Recommended Fiverr Services That Can Work For You

I use many Fiverr gigs for my business, and get good results. I want to share my experience with you in the hopes that it will save you time and money.

Fiverr gig for my business

I completed  more than 500 orders at Fiverr

Recommended Fiverr Services

1.Article writing service Proofread and editing

Coming up with consistently awesome blogging and online marketing content can be daunting. I recommend hiring content writers to do this for you at a low price.

Also make use of proofreading services to put the finishing touches on your content. Aggregate the content you plan to publish on your website or blog and have someone proofread it so that it will be free of errors.


Fiverr writing serviceRecommended services

I will write a press release of up to 300 words for $5

I will write a Press Release for $5

I will write 500 words on any topic for $5


2. Business and Branding

This will help you develop a tagline, slogan, and business name, saving you time and headaches.

Fiverr business and branding serviceRecommended services

I will copywrite you a POWERFUL headline and tagline or slogan for your business for $5

I will create business names with matching domains and more for $5

I will develop a top level name or tagline brand package for $5

3. Graphic design, Logo design

Use this service for your banner, logo, Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube header, etc. However, be sure to confirm that the images used are not copyrighted and that you own the right to use them.

Fiverr graphic logo design serviceRecommended services

I will design Header Image for Website or Blog for $5

I will create HEADER, banner, web cover, facebook twitter for $5

I will create a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Banner for $5

I will do 2 Website BANNER Header in 24 hrs with free psd for $5


4.Best Fiverr SEO gigs

Give this a go. I can confidently say that it is one service that can change the future of your business, as well as improve sales.

Get your website, blog, and content optimized while marketing your products and services.

There are talented sellers on Fiverr, so save time, money, and energy by ordering this gig and moving to the next level in your business.

However, stay away from SEO services with 1,000 to 10,000 backlinks, as all of them are useless.

Fiverr SEO services

Recommended services

I will create a full Seo Report for your website using IBP for $5

I will skyrocket Your Business with my SEO for $5

I will run in Depth keyword research for $5

I will do 55 top local citations manually in USA, uk websites to boost ranking G page for $5

I will have You Get Local Media Publicity with a Surefire PR Secret for $5


5. Presentation and Infographics

Including infographics in your presentations (whether done privately or outsourced) can boost your credibility. Add a call-to-action feature like a “Pin It” button to foster engagement with your audience.

Fiverr presentation and infographics services

Recommended services

I will make or edit powerpoint presentation within 24hour for $5

I will create an nice infographic for $5

6. Voice over service

Are you looking to start a podcast? Or perhaps you need a voiceover and musical introduction for your existing podcast.

This is one service I am excited about. You will really sound professional if you hire skilled sellers for this task.

Fiverr voice over services

Recommended services

I will record any voice over, today, for $5

I will record a professional voice over for your project for $5

7. Video and animation

This is a service I highly recommend. It can be done quite easily according to your budget. It’s also useful for brand promotion. Fiverr video animation services

Recommended services

I will record a Business Video Testimonial for $5

I will make a promotional video for $5

I will create an eye catching whiteboard animation digital hand drawn video scribe for $5


8. Other Recommended Services

I will fix WordPress error, customize wordpress theme and fix css issues for $5

I will install, move, transfer, migrate or make copy of your WordPress blog or site for $5



If used effectively, Fiverr gigs can be an asset to your business, especially if you are a start-up. You can get amazing services for low prices. Do not overlook this chance to cut costs. I have been using Fiverr gigs to move my business forward, and I love it.

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