How To Buy Quality Backlinks in 2018?

If you have looked into search engine optimization, you probably realize that backlinks are important components of any good online strategy. While these backlinks are certainly important for attaining a high search engine ranking, there are a number of benefits to quality backlinks that go beyond the traditional high listing in Google.

However, not all backlinks are created equal. When you are targeting inbound links, you want to make sure that you have quality backlinks. When working with backlinks, a good backlink is able to make a difference. Meanwhile, some types of backlinks might even damage your reputation.

How To Buy Quality Backlinks

When you have quality backlinks, you are able to brand yourself in such a way that it promotes you as a thought leader in your industry. Remember that search engines are in the business of providing their users with the type of websites that their users are going to want to visit. When you have quality backlinks, you are showing that your website is the type of website that users want.

In addition to that, search engines are going to monitor how many people are coming to your website. If you want a fast and convenient way to get people to go from targeted country to yours, backlinks are a great way to do so. The more people that come to your website, the more prominent you are going to be in your SEO rankings.

What Are Quality Backlinks?

Now we have talked about the importance of quality backlinks, but now we come to the meat of the matter – what are quality backlinks? Even though a high quality backlink is rather subjective, most marketing professionals can agree that there are a number of different factors that make up a quality backlink. If you want a great backlink, it should focus on a number of these different aspects. Even though we should not expect a 'perfect' backlink, meeting the criteria below (at least in part) means that you have a high-quality backlink.

What Are Quality Backlinks

Factor #1 – A Relevant Source

When talking about quality backlinks, it is understandable that search engines look at relevance when evaluating their backlinks. Search engines are going to look at the relevance of the content that surrounds the link directly, the specific page relevance with the link on it, and the overall relevance of the linking website.


Factor #2 – A Trusted Source

If you have a high quality backlink, it makes sense that it comes from a high quality website. There are a number of different trusted seed sites that search engines use to determine whether a website is trustworthy. These are websites that are known to be high quality and are exceedingly difficult to get a link from. Your TrustRank is higher if there are fewer links from a site that is one of the seed sites. This is going to increase the overall quality of the backlink for that website.


Factor #3 – Sending Traffic

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of backlinks - traffic. The original purpose of a link (before we ever started to get concerned about search engine algorithms) was to add value to a page by offering a direct link somewhere.

Do Not Overlook Content

Despite the fact that backlinks are important, we have to remember that these are just a single area of our ‘off page’ SEO experience. Especially if you are working with a new domain that you are trying to improve, you need to engage in this activity. Whether you are using metadata, page titles, internal links, or back links, it has to be relevant to the content of your website. In order to help you with this, we will offer you a number of different tips:

important of Content
  • Make sure that your website have plenty of information;
  • Make sure that you have a good page title;
  • Write good quality content using variations of your primary keyword phrase;
  • Make sure that you focus on your niche/topic.
  • Submit the post to Pingler. Each time that you update your new post;
  • Internal links need to make up 20 percent of total backlinks.
  • Have formatted paragraphs that are easy to read
  • Have a H1 title
  • Make sure that you have subtitles in H2, H3

Where To Buy Quality Backlinks

When buying backlinks, you want your backlinks to be high quality. That is why you should only focus on websites that you can trust, the types of websites that are going to offer you good backlinks for your money. These are a few of the recommended options:

How to buy quality backlinks in 2018


Started back in 2011, SeoClerk worked as a marketplace where you could buy SEO services. This offers a safe location where you can buy and sell services, with the money held in escrow by the site. The company has since transferred over to Ionicware Inc which includes a host of other companies, including Freelance Forums, Webmaster Query, Code Clerks, and Listing Dock. There are more than 370,000 services advertised here with almost 500,000 members.

Source Wave Market Or Konker

This is a good place to get high quality backlinks. Originally created by Alex Becker, you are able to purchase a number of different SEO services here (updated: they changed the name to These range from social signals to content creation, from SEO packages to backlinking packages.

source wave market

When buying backlinks, you want your backlinks to be high quality.

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How Do You Choose The Best Option?

You want to focus on the reviews that the sellers have received from other actual users. If you have a seller that offers a good service, it is going to show in the buyer reviews. These steps are going to help you do that:

  • Step 1: Know what service you are interested in, search for it on the website;
  • Step 2: Look at the sales page, if it looks good and you are interested, proceed to the next step;
  • Step 3: Check the last logged in section, you want to make sure that the seller is active;
  • Step 4: If there are questions or something is unclear, make sure to write an message;
  • Step 5: Read through the different reviews, find out what they can do for you;
  • Step 6: Now you are finally ready to order.

List Of Quality Backlinks That You Can Outsource

You do not have to struggle to come up with backlinks yourself, there are a number of different suggestions that you can use to come up with great quality backlinks. These are a few of the best ones that you can use:

how to build backlinks

Guest Blogging

guest blogging

This is a tremendous method to get quality one-way backlinks and add to your website. If you are posting on a website that is considered trusted by Google, you can get the benefits of high quality and authority backlinks with a guest blog post. It is important that you find a website with the right niche, because search engines are going to prioritize relevant high-authority websites.

You can get a guest post on the Huffington Post or CNN, TechCrunch, Buzzfeed, Engadget. This is going to immediately add a great deal of respectability to your link. There are different price ranges to find what you want.

Some recommended guest posting service

You want to make sure that you find the best options for your backlinks. These are a few of the favorites that we have seen before:

No.1: Write and publish an article on buzzfeed

BuzzFeed is a social news and entertainment website, it is considered one of the highest ranking, which produces an average of 380 posts a day.

No.2: Post a Article on Sheknows / WorldNews

They will post your articles as guest post at high authority website:

  • WorldNews
  • Broowaha
  • Wittyfeed
  • Patch
  • Engadget

Press Release

press release

Another great way to get quality backlinks to your blog is by using press release websites effectively. It is possible that these press release websites offer you a number of high quality backlinks – provided that you use them properly. These websites deliver their content to a number of other websites and other news sites quickly pick up the information. This means more quality backlinks and more exposure for your site. This is also add diversity of the your website's backlink profile.

Some recommended press release services:

If you want to leverage your news instead, this type of job as offered here is going to use press release that help you move towards a much better organic ranking.

No.1: Promote Your Website via Google News & My Website / Paid Press Release


No.3: Write and submit your Press Release to 385 News Sites Google News Plus 4 more Premium Submissions

Social Bookmarking

These are also considered backlinks and you should target the following options: Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit to name a few.

social bookmarking

If you want to increase your website ranking and socialize your website, social bookmarking that you find at below is going to help you a great deal (only few dollars). This offers a great deal of power backlinks that you can use.

Some recommended social bookmarking services:

No.1: 20+ High PR4-9 Social Bookmarks

They will provide 30 Social Bookmarking with PR8 to PR5

No.2: Manually Create 100 Social Bookmarking from high PR SEO social sites

They will provide 100 social bookmarking from sites as: Diigo, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Google, LinkedIn, Blogger

Private Blog Network (PBN )

Private blog network

A private blog network (PBN ) is a set of domains that you or another individual owns. Private blog networks are the go-to link building tactic for grey hat SEO. So, you use it for your tier-2 backlinks, it will help index and improve the tier-1 backlinks quality.

Some recommended press release services:

This Private Blog Networks (PBNs) purchase is going to help you put up some impressive numbers of backlink for your tiered backlinks.

No.1: PERFECT BACKLINKS - 30 Days Whitehat AUTHORITY Link Building Service

This is a quality SEO service. They will build manually Tier 1 properties with high DA (Domain Authority) and TF (Trust Flow) to boost your websites.

This will include: Onpage SEO Audite report, 10 high DA Web.20 blog, 10 Edu/Gov profile link,10 PR9 Social Profile, 1 Unique Press Release writing and 10 Press Release submission, video creation and submision and more

No.2: Rocket You To The Top In 10-20 Days Alpha v3.1-Over 4515 Orders To Date

This service builds 5-15 high quality web 2.0 and contextual niche related backlinks with high PR or aged domains

No.3: Google Page 1 SEO + Social- 3,570+ orders. New and Improved Alpha PLUS V5.0

Barry provides Alpha Plus SEO with powerful tiered link structure with established social signals. This includes backlinks freom web 2.0's, social bookmarks, Wiki-links, high PR domains, orginal articles published to niche relevant directories, all with anchor text variation and multie-tier links.

No.4: Top Rank Booster New Monster 2017 - All In One SEO Package

This includes 60 niche blog web 2.0 blog post, 30+ PBN links, 70 profiles links from big authority sites and more...

Create Your Own PBN

If you want to be hosted on a high authority aged domain that has a great link profile and impressive metrics (use for your tier-1 backlink), these services are certainly worth looking at:

No.5: 100% Hands-FREE PBN Service - TF15+, DA15+ & One Year FREE Hosting

This service includes a domain with good metrics, install WordPress and theme, 3 unquie blog post relavant to your niche and 12 months free hosting.


If you are serious about getting high quality backlinks, you want to make sure that you are putting yourself in the best possible position to do so. Even though content is vitally important for your overall marketing strategy, backlinks can play an important role in getting a high ranking.

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