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I have been an article writer for quite sometime now and have been contributing to distinguished blogging platforms in the internet ever since. Today, a new blogging platform hits the virtual world with a twist and its community is increasing by the minute. The site is called Wizzley.


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Wizzley make money

So what is Wizzley?

Wizzley is a blogging platform for people who wanted to share their views, thoughts, experiences and just about anything that is worth reading for the benefit of readers. I have mentioned above that Wizzley has a twist and pretty much different from Squidoo and Hubpages. Though Wizzley is made by people behind the sites I have mentioned, there is really a twist aside from earning. Wizzley has a do follow link to your site (once you are accepted to write) and Google will automatically index your published articles.

How to make money with Wizzley? let me count the ways…….

1. Wizzley gives you the freedom to write quality articles in return they will pay you in the form of revenue sharing. This is done by either integrating your Google Adsense ID, Chitika or Viglink to name a few. These sites are the ones responsible displaying ads to your articles and revenue is calculated by cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPM).

Let me go further in discussing CPC and CPM, both of these are very important when we talk of making money in blogging platforms and this is true with Wizzley. Both are distinct from each other but are interrelated in a way. If you noticed ads that are displayed on your article, this could be brought about by Google Adsense, Chitika, Viglink or the publisher Id’s that you have attached in Wizzley. CPC are the clicks received on the displayed ads on your articles (take note: human clicks and not machine generated) while c.p.m.’s are the visits that your article has attracted people whether by chance or purpose. (the higher the number of visits the better)

2. Any purchased items by your reader through the articles you have submitted, you get 50% of the proceeds, thus, Zazzle and Amazon accounts goes well with Wizzley for they are affiliate partners in the industry.

3. Referral program is also inculcated in the system of Wizzley. The writer keeps 10% on the purchased item.

This is a good platform for bloggers for you get to write and share just about anything that interests you and you get paid for it.

Tips and tricks to succeed in Wizzley

The site accepts good writers to write quality posts for them. Thus, accepting takes time for you will be tested through your writing skills. You will be obliged  to submit five articles and this will be on the review stage by the administrator. Upon submitting the said articles, do follow is not at the moment visible but once the five articles are accepted and published for readers to read, the sixth and succeeding articles will have a do follow tag to your site. The bottom line is write good and quality posts in order to succeed in this blogging platform.

Another tip that I could impart is proof read the articles you have made before submitting, in this way you could minimize or eradicate wrong grammar, and misspelled words as well as wrong punctuation marks that would mislead your readers from the point you are trying to convey. Be wary of these scenarios for readers have a thin line behind their mind and would automatically break once something is not understandable from the content of your article. Last but not least, is to make your readers crave for more, write in a way that would tickle their fancies. Make your article linger in their senses and eventually they will come looking for your article.


There are numerous blogging platform out there and I have mentioned a few that lets you share your thoughts and pay you for your contributions, but Wizzley is different in a way for you are not alone every step of the way, members here are willing to help in any way they can, so is to achieve your goal of success.

Google and all other search engines like good posts and it will readily index your article submitted which means you get ranked from the search engines fast.

So if you have the inclination to write or a writer who writes quality posts, this site is for you. You get to share your writing skills and at the same time earn.

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