4 points to note to use fan heater effectively

  • 07 Jan 2022 17:52
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The fan heater is a necessary device for every family in the cold season with convenient, economical, and easy-to-use heating features. But there are 4 points you need to pay attention to use the fan effectively. Check out our article now!

  1. The location of the fan is suitable
  2. Suitable temperature to use a fan heater
  3. Limit the use of fan heaters for a long time
  4. Space to use an appropriate fan heater
  • Do not close the room
  • Do not leave the heater next to the bed, objects that are easy to catch heat, flammable
  • Increase room humidity

The location of the fan is suitable

The minimum distance to use the fan heater should be 1.5m. If you place the heater at too close a distance, the hot wind blowing on the body for a long time from the heater can affect the skin, even causing skin burns, especially with delicate skin like children's.

The heater should be placed in the corner of the room, in a flat position to minimize collisions and falls.


Suitable temperature to use a fan heater

We always think that using a high-temperature fan will warm the room faster, and keep the body warm. But you should know, when the weather is cold, the higher the temperature you use the fan, the larger the temperature difference will be between the room and the outside environment. At that time, if the case suddenly steps out of the room, your body is prone to heat shock and cold.

With our country's climate, only using a fan heater at a temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius is appropriate. Too high a fan temperature will make the air dry and hot, adversely affecting the respiratory system.


Limit the use of fan heaters for a long time

Using a fan heater is a simple and economical method of heating, but if you use it continuously, without a break is not good.

During use, let the machine rest for a short time and open the door to let the air circulate. That will help limit respiratory problems. At the same time, that rest period is also a way to preserve the durability of your product.


Space to use a suitable fan heater

Do not close the room

A room using a fan with a closed-door will make it impossible for air to circulate, people in the room will only breathe with the hot air blown out by the fan and human breath, leading to suffocation and lack of air. During use, it is necessary to open the door slightly or turn on the ventilation fan so that the air in the room is convection when using the fan heater.

Do not leave the heater next to the bed, objects that are easy to catch heat, flammable

The minimum safe distance is 1.5m because the heat emitted from the fan heater is quite high.

At the same time, when the fan heater is operating, it must not block the heating part, and must not be used in the area of ​​water overflow, which can cause fire and electric leakage.


Increase room humidity

By placing a basin of water in the room, use a fan heater to balance the air and increase humidity.

A humidifier can be used, but this machine needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating with the steam sprayed into the air, causing further pollution, affecting the respiratory system, especially the elderly and young. small.


Above are some notes to use the fan heater effectively and safely. Hope to bring you useful information. If you have any questions, please leave a comment to be answered!

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