5 principles to know when using a shaver

  • 06 Jan 2022 05:34
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Using a shaver seems to be a regular and simple job for men, but if done in the wrong way, it will cause many troubles. Please refer to 5 principles to know when using a shaver with us!

  • Preparing instruments
  • Shave and move at the right angle
  • Be careful in sensitive areas
  • Shaver maintenance
  • Get familiar with the device
  • Conclusion

Preparing instruments

When buying a shaver, pay attention to the accompanying accessories such as: soap brush, pore-tightening water, shaving soap with bottles, sprays, and tubes. These make shaving easy and painless, and extend the life of the razor.


Also, you should shave when your beard is dry and stiff. To prevent dust and skin oils from contaminating the machine, you should use an alcohol-based shaving foam before shaving. Most of these products contain vitamin E, which helps protect your skin from shaving discomfort.

Shave and move at the right angle

One of the most basic shaving mistakes is shaving against the direction of their growth. This is not only easier to damage the facial skin, but they also cause the beard to grow inward in the next time.


And remember, always keep the shaver perpendicular to the skin, use the other hand to stretch the skin of the shaving area to help the hairs stand up making shaving easier and faster. For a circular shaver, it is recommended to shave in a back and forth direction, while a circular shaver should shave in a circular direction.

Be careful in sensitive areas

Since the shaver is a tool with a working motor, it can generate a certain amount of heat. This can be irritating for people with sensitive skin. Therefore, you should shave sensitive areas first, like the neck area, while the shaver is still cold before you shave other areas.


Do not forget to moisturize your skin with specialized creams.

Note: You should press gently and do not shave over and over again on the same area.

Shaver maintenance

If you want the shaver to operate smoothly and have a long life, do not forget to clean the machine after use. For the shaving table, use a brush to gently clean the dust on the razor blade after each shave, then rinse the blade with clean water and dry it, if rubbing or wiping a lot will make the blade quickly dull.

If you use a roll-type shaver, you should replace the shaving head after every 1-2 years, depending on the type and density of your usage.


Get familiar with the device

For those of you who are used to razors and are just starting to use the shaver, you will certainly feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable within the first few weeks. However, you should be patient and get used to the device.


You will gradually get used to that feeling and discover the great use that the shaver gives you.


Above is information about the principles to know when using the shaver that we share with you. Hope the above information will help you in choosing to buy a shaver.


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