The 6 Best Whole House Surge Protector Of 2022 - See Top Rated Pick

Today, we use more electronics and technology within our homes than ever before. Millions of homes are filled with smart appliances, smart devices, controlled lights, charging devices, etc, This means that houses are at a higher risk for surges than ever before. As the electrical systems of houses are under such a heavy workload, it can become increasingly risky for the whole electrical panel to ‘blow’ if it receives a surge.

So, whether you own a commercial or residential property, here are some reviews for you to consider.

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  • High quality product
  • Universally connects to any manufacturer’s load center (breaker box)
  • 10 year product and connected equipment
  • Enclosure rated for type 4 outdoor, and can also be installed inside the load center
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The Best Whole House Surge Protector

A whole-house surge protector used in your own home can prevent any issues related to significant upticks in electrical activity ‘surges’. They can be installed quite easily, and help protect your load panel before any surges have the chance to damage them irreparably. If you are in the market for the best whole house surge protector for your home, you are in luck. There are plenty of top-notch whole house surge protectors available to consumers to choose from.

Siemens FS140 Surge Protection

The FS140 FirstSurge by Siemens offers top tier surge protection at up to 140,000 amps. That means that it can stop and defend against a massive amount of power from blowing your load center. Many surges enter the home through external lines such as cable, or telephone. However, in the modern age of tech, a significant amount of surges come from motor-based in house appliances. This load center surge protector stops in-home surges from blowing the breaker, and damaging your load center in any way.

The Siemens FS140 also comes with industry-leading cutting edge alarm systems that alert users when any surges have been stopped and protected against. These systems can be audible alarms, flashing red lights, and various LED indicators. Not only will your in-home electronics and appliances be better protected, but you will also know as soon as it happens.

EATON Ultimate Surge Protection

The Ultimate Surge Protection box by EATON is a universal surge protection box that will fit and work with any manufacturer load center, no matter what. It comes with 4 pig-tail wires that connect to any breaker you choose, and allow for industry-leading surge protection within your home. This surge protection box is exceptionally simple to install, and can be up and mounted within minutes. This means that the surge box is very user-friendly and hassle-free for anyone installing it.

The Eaton comes with cable/TV connection as well, that can help protect against surges from outside sources such as cable wiring. It is certified to protect against up to 180,000 amps, and can be mounted outside as well as indoors. This is a very versatile and simple to instal surge protector that protects your home from every angle.

Intermatic Type 1-2 Whole House Surge Protection

The Intermatic Type 1-2  Surge Protection unit is a straightforward and simple in-home or outdoor surge protection device. This surge protector is guaranteed to protect your home devices and electronics from any sudden upticks in electricity that might cause them to blow. The protection of the Intermatic surge protector is far more reliable than a standard plug-in surge protecting strip, and protects against significant surges as well as minor ones.

The Intermatic Type 1-2 Whole House Surge Protector uses TPMOV surge protection technology and offers 6 modes of surge protection. The Intermatic also offers a full replacement warranty if the device ever stops offering the full protection your home needs. This is a reliable and straightforward surge protector that you can trust.

Intermatic Smart Guard Whole House Surge Protector

The Intermatic Smart Guard Protector is an amazingly sophisticated surge protection unit that allows for total home protection, and easy replacement if things ever go wrong. Utilizing iModule technology, this home surge protector has 3 modules that protect your home load center, and can be replaced as easily as an ink cartridge in a printer. Simply pop the spent module, and replace it with a new one in seconds; the LED indicators will make identifying faulty or spent modules a breeze

The Intermatic Smart Guard Protector comes with up to $50,000 in electronic device insurance. That means that if any of your electronic devices or appliances are damaged due to surging, Intermatic will replace them all up to $50,000 in damages. You can rest assured that all of your electronic devices and appliances are fully protected, and insured with the Intermatic Surge Guard.

Siemens Whole House Surge Protector – Dual 20 Amp Breakers

The Siemens Whole House Surge Protector with dual 20 amp breakers is a great little surge protector to buy for complete home surge protection. It should be noted that this surge protector is only for use with Siemens load centers. However, aside from that, it is an exceptional value for whole-house surge protection. The device comes with two single-pole protectors to replace the ones that it will occupy upon installation. This ensures that the surge protector remains unobtrusive and does not force you to sacrifice anything in functionality from your load center.

This model will protect the entire panel, not just the two branches that it attaches to. You don’t have to worry about buying multiple surge protectors in order to protect all of the branches of the panel. This device offers total surge protection throughout the home, and attaches incredibly easily. Overall, this is another great little product from Siemens, and will perform exactly as you would want a surge protector to perform, up to 40,000 amps.

Leviton 511-20 1-Panel Surge Protector

Leviton is a trusted and reliable brand when it comes to home surge protection. They offer a wide range of surge protection devices, from power strips to load center boxes. This surge protection box is no exception to their great quality and respected reputation. The Leviton 511-20 1-Panel Surge Protector is a 1-phase protection panel that covers surges up to 50,000 amps. This is perfect for general home protection, and allows you to rest assured every day; even if you live in stormy areas.

Leviton is a brand that is widely used and trusted by electricians and comes with a limited 102022 warranty. You can be sure that if even the pros trust this product, you should too. Overall, the Leviton 511-20 is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done and protects your home and devices exactly as you would want it to. It’s straight, and to the point.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways that surges can occur; they can be triggered by lightning strikes on the home or power lines, and they can be triggered by sudden upticks in electrical output from your electric power supply company as well. Both sources of surging are widely different and should be protected against in different ways. It is important to note and determine with your whole house surge protector if it protects against internal and external sources of surging before buying–especially if you live in areas where lightning is common.

As electronic devices become more and more commonplace, the risk for damage to them becomes greater. Even charging your phone overnight leaves it at risk for being damaged if there is ever a massive surge from your power source. Power surges that aren’t protected against can leave entire homes, and companies without electronic equipment–and can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

If you are in the market for a whole house surge protection device, be sure to examine and research the surge protectors mentioned above. Each one has its own unique set of skills, and can be applied to help protect your house in different ways. However, each one is a great option for protecting your house from surges no matter what. If you want to ensure that your home and devices are protected in 2021, purchase a whole house surge protector today, and install it in your load center. It’s the only way to be sure that a surge will not ruin your property in an instant.

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