Instructions on how to use the shaver safely and cleanly

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Shaver is an indispensable item for men to help men increase their confidence and look more handsome. So how to use the safest and cleanest shaver? Let's find out with us!

  • Prepare
  • Choose the type of machine and razor
  • Shaving Guide
  • Skin and beard care after shaving
  • Conclusion


Wash your face

Wash your face thoroughly with warm water and dry thoroughly (especially for dry shavers). This helps clear skin, open pores, and soften your beard to make shaving easier, as well as less irritation to your facial skin.


Determine the shaving direction

To accurately determine the direction of beard growth, you need to use your hands to swing it back and forth in front and behind where the beard grows.

If you notice that the beard is not smooth and smooth, the pores and beard are opposite to the direction of your hand, that direction is the direction of beard growth.


Use shaving cream

Take an appropriate amount of shaving cream and then apply it to the area to be shaved. Avoid spraying the cream directly on the face because it causes many bad effects, it may be mistakenly sprayed into the mouth or on the eyes.


Choose the type of machine and razor

Select machine type

There are many types of shavers on the market today. To decide which machine to buy, you must first determine what the desired use of the electric shaver you want to buy is, use it in the bathroom or pocket it.


Generally, shavers have 2 types of razors: rotary head razors and foil razors. With a rotating razor, this type helps you to shave off the beard quite thoroughly, especially the beard area that grows close to the skin, short and jagged. However, if your beard is curved and curly, there will be some discomfort.

With a foil razor, the blade is covered by a metal mesh, which always feels quite comfortable while you shave more. 

Choose a razor

You need to choose the right razor, the blade is sharp and clean. Please rely on the hardness of the beard, texture as well as skin properties to choose a reasonable razor.

Note: If your skin is too sensitive, you can use a traditional blade to ensure skin safety.

Replace your blades periodically

You must change the shaving head regularly, usually every 18 months for foil shavers and every 2 years for rotary models.

Keep your shaver clean

Almost all electric shavers require cleaning to remove hair mites from the blade membrane after shaving. You can use water, brush, ... to remove them.


Shaving Guide

Step 1: Use your dominant hand to hold the shaver, the other hand to hold the face. This will help you get the closest shave possible.

Step 2: Shave the cheeks and side of the face: For a close shave, you can shave against the beard. Regularly rinse the razor blade under warm running water, to prevent excessive clumps of hair and foam from sticking to the blade.


Step 3: Shave the mustache area under your nose: Use your index finger to lift your nose up while your upper lip is pointing down to increase the shaving surface area.

Step 4: Shave your neck and below your jaw: This is the most sensitive and difficult area so you need to pay attention when shaving.

Step 5: Look in the mirror and check for missed areas: Electric shavers can leave small patches in hard-to-reach areas, so it's best to look in the mirror before storing the shaver.

Skin and beard care after shaving

At the end of the shaving process, wash your face thoroughly with cold water and dry with a clean towel. After shaving, you should apply lotion to help moisturize and tighten pores.



Above is information on how to use the shaver safely that we share with you. Hope the above information will help you in choosing to buy a shaver.

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