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  • Get a convenient dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with gel or foam, even in the shower. Wet or dry for a convenient dry or refreshing wet shave
  • 5D Pivot & Flex Heads Enjoy a clean shave that follows your face's contours with 5-directional pivot, flex and floating movements. The head reaches your face at the ideal angle and adjusts to the curves of your face and neck, creating smooth contact with your skin.
  • Comfort Cut Blade System- Rounded edges move smoothly over skin for a protective shave.Charging:Rechargeable,cordless & corded operation,quick charge 3 min for 1 shave
  • Wet or dry shave. The Shaver 3500 gives you an easy and convenient shave with more comfort for an affordable price
  • Automatic voltage: 100 - 240 Volts
  • Designed for a close shave in mind, Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 always delivers superior closeness in a single pass, even on 3 day beards.
  • Aquatec technology allows for a refreshing wet shave with gel or foam or a convenient dry shave
  • Body shaver and trimmer comfortably trims and shaves below the neck
  • For best results, replace shaving head every 12 months with SH50/52 replacement head
  • Integrated pop-up trimmer is perfect for sideburns and moustaches
  • Groom, style, and trim the hair on your face, head and body using the included attachments: body shaver, detail trimmer, rotary nose and ear trimmer, standard metal trimmer, and extra wide hair clipper.
  • All in one trimmer for complete face, head and body hair styling: 29 pieces in a premium toiletry bag for all your trimming needs
  • MultiPrecision Blade System - Blades raise then cut long and short hairs for a fast shave
  • SmartClick precision trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburn trimming. The number of blades required is 3.
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1. If your facial hair is too long, cut it prior to shaving

No matter the sort of razor you are utilizing, it is most reliable when utilized on facial hair that's not older than 3 days. Using a razor to remove lengthy face hair is capable of making the system pull your hair rather than cutting it. You may require to think about a system that includes a trimmer for this kind of task.

2. Wash your confront with cozy water before shaving it

A hot towel or warm shower for your face is extremely efficient. With this, your pores will certainly be opened up, as well as your facial hair will come to be softer, therefore permitting you to obtain a close and smooth shave.

3. Allow your skin to adjust well to your brand-new shaver

After several years of utilizing a manual setting, your skin should have ended up being accustomed to it currently. So when you make a switch to a brand-new electric design, it may take about a couple of weeks for your skin to be properly accustomed to it. Every shaving session afterward ought to be a wind.

4. How usually should I change the blades?

Unless your beard expands overnight, you do not require to change the blades more than twice or trice per year. While different models feature various referrals when it comes to blade replacement, the optimal time is when every 4 months.

Self-sharpening blades are unbelievably durable as well as could need to be transformed less than the various other kinds. Regardless, every electric razor from Philips has a blade reference, which needs to give you the referrals you need regarding blade substitutes.

5. Exactly how to preserve my electric shaver?

If you desire these electric razors to offer for several years ahead, you must maintain them effectively. If you are getting among these gadgets for the very first time, you might wish to maintain our suggestions below in mind.

  •  You need to wash the unit under a faucet after every cut as that's just how the majority of the dirt and also hairs can be removed.
  • You are additionally required to cleanse the unit regularly if you want it to continue to be in tip-top condition for a long. Cleaning up these devices, however, needs a certain technique. The technique you will choose will depend upon your electric shaver's type as well as on whether your device includes a cleaning terminal that does all the work for you.
  • It's likewise essential to keep a close watch on when the blades get too worn to shave cleanly. Certainly, worn blades are likely to harm your skin as well as get it filthy, so you require to change the blades every year so regarding avoiding this.

Several Features to Concern about Norelco shavers for men Before Making Final Decision

Online purchasing may appear straightforward, but finding the most significant possible conclusion will prove difficult. So, we are here to support you with your Norelco shavers for men shopping experience, even day or night time.

Countless products are currently available both on the online and real market. Suppose the options mentioned in our category are unsuitable for you. Don't worry about it! Using our shopping advice, you may select the best one for yourself.

  • How about the quality of the product?

    Quality is an important consideration to examine in addition to price and brand. Sometimes you can not buy the highest quality Norelco shavers for men; you must ensure that the functionality of the Norelco shavers for men you purchase is satisfactory. It's a fantastic strategy to do some tests to find out what represents the best Norelco shavers for men.
  • Is this product low, medium, or high-cost, and can you purchase it?

    It is necessary to take into consideration your finances while making any decision. If you don't have enough money, no characteristics will matter. As a result, before going shopping to purchase Norelco shavers for men, you should evaluate how much you are prepared to spend.
    You reject versions that don't meet your finances by developing a business plan. As a consequence, you'll be able to stick to your spending.
    There are items of comparable quality that differ in pricing. However, that does not indicate that you must obtain the most expensive Norelco shavers for men right now.
  • what is the product’s length of use?

    Users should consider how much usage they will gain from Norelco shavers for men before giving the final selection. Is that time worth the investment you're going to spend?
    It's great to think about how long you'll be using Norelco shavers for men. Customers who put a high value on endurance are drawn to products with a higher standard of durability. A good guarantee can also save you funds on replacement and repair in the long term.
    If you just expect to use it for a specific timeframe, you should choose a pretty affordable option. If you want to adopt Norelco shavers for men for a considerable length of time, on the other hand, you should engage in a more high-quality Norelco shavers for men.
  • Which manufacturer does this product belong to?

    We have identified items from the leading manufacturers to give you the Norelco shavers for men. They are associated with some of today's most famous companies.
    Before being introduced to the public, their items must fulfill stringent criteria. As a result, you may use their items with assurance, consisting of those on our shortlist.
    Furthermore, we make the guarantee that manufacturers other than those specified are trustworthy. In addition to the ones we've mentioned, many different recognized brands provide high-quality items, and we are unable to incorporate all of them in a specific section.


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