Notes when using a fan heater in the cold season to protect health

  • 07 Jan 2022 16:32
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In the cold season, the frequency of household use of fan heaters increases. However, there are some notes to help you use a fan heater to both effectively warm up and protect your health. Please refer to our article for more information and product knowledge!

  1. Create a ventilated space when using a fan heater
  2. Maintain appropriate humidity for space use
  3. Create a break time for the fan heater
  4. Maintain proper use temperature
  5. Do not place the heater too close to the user when sleeping

Create a ventilated space when using a fan heater

When using a fan heater, the room should not be too closed, the air is not circulated well, often leading to stuffiness and lack of oxygen.

So when you let the fan operate in the room for a long time, you should also create ventilation for the room by opening the windows and doors, turning on the ventilation fan to circulate the air effectively.


Maintain the appropriate humidity for the space to use

To increase the humidity in the air, reduce the possibility of causing dry skin and dry eyes, you should choose fan models with a moisture balance function or a humidifying mist mode.

In addition, you can put a pot of clean water in the room to help the use process airier, contributing to protecting the skin of the members when using.

Create a break time for fansite

You should let the fan operate for 2-4 hours and then turn off the fan for about 30 minutes, to prevent the motor from being overloaded, overheating, contributing to the durability of the fan and reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

In addition, you can also equip some models with an automatic shutdown function when overheating to ensure safety.


Maintain proper use temperature

Using a heater at too high a temperature will cause temperature imbalance, leading to thermal shock if you have to go out urgently. In addition, if used with high temperature for a long time, it will lead to dry skin.

With a climate like ours, the appropriate temperature to use a fan heater is 22-25 degrees.


Do not place the heater too close to the user when sleeping

Heating fans often emit very strong heat, especially when choosing the highest heating mode, if you put the fan too close to your body when sleeping, it will not be safe for your skin and respiratory system.

Therefore, when turning on the fan at bedtime, you should choose a safe distance, 1.5 - 2 m from the bed or from people.


Applying the above tips for using a fan well, your health will always be ensured and the process of keeping warm is still highly effective. Send us a comment if you want to share other fun tips.

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