Should you shave wet or dry? How to shave properly?

  • 07 Jan 2022 04:11
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Many gentlemen have a headache when they have to choose between wet and dry shaving. So should shave wet or dry and how to shave properly? Find out with us!

  1. When to shave wet? What effect?
  2. When to dry shave? What effect?
  3. Tips for shaving

When to shave wet? What effect?

Wet shaving is a traditional way of shaving, familiar to most people because ordinary razors are used by many people. When shaving wet, you need to moisten and apply shaving cream to the area to be shaved and use a razor to do it.


The advantage of wet shaving is that the moistened beard becomes softer and easier to cut. With this method, the elevation process will be smooth and your skin will be better protected, reducing scratching and bleeding.

However, it will take some time for you to prepare.

When to dry shave? What effect?

Dry shaving is the way to shave when you use some types of electric shavers, without the need to apply cream or moisten the beard area on the face, neck, and chin to be shaved. It is often used by people with sensitive skin or when you want a faster and more time-saving method of shaving.


The dry shaving method is quite simple, fast and almost anyone can apply it even in any place such as at the office, traveling, outside the park, or any place where you need to shave.

In short, each shaving method will have its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of shaving method depends on your preferences, skin, and time.

In addition, now there are quite a few manufacturers that offer electric wet shavers, combining traditional and modern methods, allowing you to wet your beard, apply moisturizer, and soften your beard roots. to feel much more comfortable when shaving.

Tips for shaving

For a dry shave with a machine, make sure the machine works stably, the blade is sharp, and the battery used is enough for one shave.

After each dry shave, the beard will stick inside the machine compartment, the blade will have the dead skin on the machine, clean the blade after each shave, you can clean it with clean water or cleaning tools. machine included.


In addition, the morning before eating is the time when your facial skin is relaxed and has the best elasticity because the chewing movement when eating will push blood to the jaw area, around the lips, and eyelids. Therefore, shaving after eating will be easier to bleed.

After shaving, wash your face with cold water to quickly close the pores and massage your face. You should also apply a thin layer of lotion to both fight inflammation on the surface of the skin and protect the healthy structure of the subcutaneous layer.


Above is information on how to properly shave wet and dry that we share with you. Hope the above information will help you in choosing to buy a shaver.

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