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  • Mimics the colours of a real sunrise and sunset using mixed LEDs and provides all-round dimmable bedroom lighting. Light-sensitive display auto-dims at night.
  • Choice of final sunrise light intensity and an optional alarm beep. Tap-control snooze.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN*: Philips wake-up lights are recommended by physicians and pharmacists for establishing a healthy sleep and wake routine
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: 90 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee from Philips
  • Since it has a remote control, you can remotely control within 10 meters without obstacles. The remote control can operate all function included light brightness adjustment, color setting, ringtone setting, volume setting, time setting and FM, etc. In addition, you can tap the top of the device to set the light to change the way the light blinks.
  • [Multiple Gradient Lights &Bedside Lamp] A variety of gradient lights( yellow, orange, pink, blue, cyan and green etc.)that look really wonderful,you can choose color or color cycle, to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere.You can use it for different occasions such as bedside lamps, reading light or atmosphere lamp.
  • 6 Natural Sounds & FM Radio -- 6 natural sounds such as pure music, birds, forest, waves, beeping and so on, which let you revel in the sounds and smells of nature. As well as FM radio, if you don't want to wake up, you can choose your favorite sound.
  • Packing list includes -- 1*Sunrise Wake-Up Light,1* 5V/1A Power Adapter, 1* 1USB Cable; 1*User Manual.
  • 【Mood and Energy】: Soothing sound effects and dynamic lighting within reach, create a sleeping atmosphere, just like being in the forest, cicadas and bonfires, streams and birds, listening to the waves at sea, and the updated wake-up mode makes the alarm clock a different satisfaction Perfect choice for needs and daily life.
  • 【Sleep Sound Effect】: Brand new transparent fully enclosed shell, unique sound cavity sound system, inspired by nature, release more layered sound effects, suitable for indoor decoration or birthday, children's day, anniversary gifts.
  • SMART FEATURES: FM radio, tap to snooze and reading lamp
  • MOOD AND ENERGY: Proven to give you an easy and energetic wake-up and improve your mood in the morning***
  • 7 Colors RGB Light Alarm clock : The wake up light owns 7 different colors light and Touch sensing light with color change, RGB LED will achieve 7 colors changing. You can use it for different occasions such as night light, reading light or atmosphere light.
  • Sleep Aid Feature Alarm Clock : Simulate the feature of sunset . The surest sleeping mode (15/30/60 mins countdown) , setting the duration in advance. The light will gradually dim , and help you fall asleep quickly. Once it reach the time you set, the sleep aid function will automatically turn off.
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  • How much will you spend on this product?
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  • What are the potential advantages of purchasing this product?
  • What are the benefits of shopping for online reference information?
  • What are the buyer's benefits with this good or service?
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    Everyone should read the customers’ reviews to know how comfortable did they experience this product. From this information, you can clearly understand the profits and drawbacks of the Sunrise sunset alarm you are looking at, then make a decision whether you will buy it or not. Keep in mind that buyer’s feedback is the most honest and trustworthy experience.
  • Budget

    When it comes to choosing a product, the first thing that comes to your mind must be its price. Some Sunrise sunset alarm may be reasonably priced, but do they meet your needs? How much money do you have? Select the Sunrise sunset alarm that creates the working effect you require.
    Adjust your budget based on the different manufacturers and their users' reviews and ratings if you need over one. Whenever you need more than two other effects, a multi-effect item is likely to be less expensive than a standard one.
  • Quality and Performance

    The next characteristic you should know is the quality and performance of which one you will buy. Does this product work well with its quality?
    Which materials were this product produced by? If you have a chance to go to the store, you should check how it works and whether it is perfect for your requirements or not.
  • Durability

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  • Manufacturers

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