Scribie Review|Review of Amazing Transcription Service

1.What is Scribie?

Scribie is a company that helps you transcribe your audio/video online from home at ease. The site has professionals to help you transcribe your files in a professional way. Scribie is owned by Rajiv Poddar. The company developed free software called “Callgraph,” which was a Skype recording plug-in but later was released as software for interested users. The software was well known, as it was featured in LifeHacker magazine.

Scribie as a company hires freelancers to be their transcribers. The work is done basically through the internet. The work done by the freelancers goes directly to the Scribie team for a thorough QC before it is sent to the client and, of course, before freelancers can be paid.

Scribie has a very advanced and efficient platform, along with a four-step process and an in-house QA team which ensures timely delivery of high accurate transcripts.

2.What is Scribie features?

2.1 Scribie Bring New Perspectives and Ideas

Getting audio/video transcribed is getting bigger these days, as it helps improve SEO and content marketing, which are important for online marketing. There are many online transcription services available and waiting for freelancers.

Scribie quality

Scribie stands out as providing the best service. Scribie lets freelancers work on the transcript before sending it to the professional QA team for a thorough check to ensure that the best-quality service is provided by the freelancer. The completed work is later sent for proofreading, a step that is repeated with different proofreaders.The QC will then be delivered once it passes with a minimum of 98% accuracy. Scribie works on time; it makes sure transcripts get to freelancers in a timely manner. Similar freelancing sites are different, as the quality depends largely on the freelancer and the transcript might be sent late to the freelancer.

2.2 Scribie Be Willing to Collaborate.

Scribie works with its customers and ensures satisfaction. If the order delivered to the customer needs to be modified, the buyer can order a free re-review of the service. The re-review can be requested along with instructions; the file will be proofread after the re-review request and re-delivered within 24 hours.
To maintain its highly rated service, Scribie tries every possibility to satisfy its customer and get positive feedback. They investigate the causes of the re-review orders placed by customers to prevent them in the future.
Even though Scribie does not refund any order delivered, the transcript order can be cancelled at any time before it reaches 60% completion.

2.3 Have Confidence In Their Ability to Achieve Results

Scribie has been in business since 2008 and has transcribed over 1,225,508.38 minutes of audio files to date. The company is filled with professionals who can handle any work thrown at them.

Scribie has expertise in transcribing interviews, webinars, podcasts, sermons, focus groups, lectures and videos. It also provides general services like academic transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription and business transcription. Its transcripts are high-quality, well-researched, consistent and delivered on time. It researches the tough words, acronyms, names of places and other contextual information. Every incomprehensible portion is marked with a blank and is time-stamped so you can easily cross-check it with the audio file.

2.4 Understand ALL the Customer’s Needs

Apart from normal transcription, Scribie provides other features, like:

  • Group accounts

Scribie accounts can be shared with others via the Team features available on the website. Each member of the group will get his or her own specific login details. They will also have full access to the team account without restrictions, and vice versa. They can upload files, order transcripts, add credit cards, check transcripts, etc.

  • Conferencing

Scribie also offers a teleconferencing service in which all calls are recorded and transcribed by default. This is suitable for recording and transcribing phone interviews. The only process required is to book a call with Scribie; the company will take care of the rest. This feature is perfect for people who are carrying out a project by conducting phone interviews with a number of participants; it will simplify your work and you won’t have to worry about managing the recording and transcripts by yourself. Everything is present in one place in the Scribie account.

  • Integrated Editor

Scribie also provides an integrated Editor Service, an online tool that helps users quickly and effectively check their delivered transcript against the audio file.
This feature is a one-of-a-kind tool developed completely in-house and it has proved to be a huge time saver in assessing the accuracy of the transcript.

2.5 Help the Customer Avoid Potential Pitfalls

Scribie takes time in completing transcription work; for every 15 minutes of audio, it will take one hour of work. If the audio/video that needs to be transcribed is an hour or more, it will take at least half a day to be completed.
There are many time duration options for users who want to transcribe audio/video: express (within 12 hours), one day, Flex 5 (within 12 days), Flex 15 (within 15 days), and Flex 30 (within 30 days). It all depends on when you want it.


Scribie price review

Scribie’s highest priority is to maintain the confidentiality of all its transcription files. Access to files on Scribie is restricted on a need-to-know basis. All Scribie transcribers, employees and contractors are bound by a confidentiality clause in the Terms & Conditions. However, the person who needs his or her audio/video transcribed have full control over their files; once they delete the files, they will be removed permanently from Scribie’s servers. Users also have the option to delete their Scribie account any time they want.

2.6 How to Purchasing Process

Making a purchase for a transcript is very easy on Scribie. The steps are:

1: Upload any audio/video file.

2: Pay per your desired turnaround time.

3: Check and download transcripts.


Scribie payment

The first time an order is placed on Scribie, the buyer gets a free account associated with the email address supplied during the payment process. This will let the buyer monitor the progress of their files, view the draft transcript and, finally, download the delivered files on the Scribie account. This account can still be used for future transcripts.

Scribie requires customers to make payments in advance for all transcript orders. Means of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB and PayPal.

3. Conclusion

Scribie is for simple project or transcriptions that are a few minutes long. Scribie is also everything someone with a large project or phone interview can ask for. With the help of its professional staff and perfect freelancers, Scribie can deliver quality work within your turnaround time.

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WriterAccess – A Comprehensive Review on WriterAccess

With quite a lot of positive WriterAccess review present in the market, it is one of the top platforms for both clients and contractors looking to have content written. This platform offers a great compensation for quality writers and clients too can have their content written meticulously and pay based upon the kind of talent which they can find. The WriterAccess is one of the top rated sites for content writers and is hailed for offering good pay which is measurable to industry standards.

WriterAccess Review

WriterAccess does offer plenty of good content jobs. It is an efficient platform for the sake of finding suitable content jobs and making some quick money. The website has a well planned design which makes it easier to understand the navigation.

The initial filtering process used by WriterAccess is quite stringent as there is an application test that is conducted. The payment is done every 9th or 10th of the month. The writers are segmented into various levels abased on the initial test result and their performance as well. The pay is done on the basis of level.

WriterAccess application

The WriterAccess is one of the top portals where you can make steady income by picking the best writing gigs. This site is mainly for US based writers with a PayPal account. In order to get started, one needs to visit the site and apply.

The application process mainly consists of filling in your particulars and then submitting sample writing. You have to be really careful with the sample because it is the quality of the sample that determines the rating that you will get. There are 4 different levels starting from level 2 up till 5. Level 2 writers are paid 1.13 cents for every word while level 5 writers can make 4.60 cents per word and more.

Basically, a level 5 writer is one who is thoroughly SEO proficient and their copy is error free as well. There are some restrictions you need to follow when working at Writeraccess. You can only pick one job at a time when you start as a writer. After finishing 10 assignments, you can claim up to 3 jobs at the same time.

The payment is done by the 9th of every month. There are casting calls and idea orders for the clients which help them filter the right details and find suitable writers for different projects. Ideally, the quicker you submit and the better quality of work you offer, the higher you climb up the ranks.

WriterAccess writing test

In order to get approved for WriterAccess and to start working, you will first of all need to opt for a writing test. You need to put in your very best because not only are the questions tough, but at the same time, it is your test score and the sample quality which will gauge the writing level you need to begin with.

The test is so designed that it will assess different kind of skills which includes but is not limited to:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Verb
  • Agreement of verb with the subject
  • Tense usage

Of course, there is no specific limitation to the kind of questions they have. Along with the test, you will need to upload your résumé and even a professional bio. There is a sample writing that needs to be submitted as well on any of the topics already mentioned.

The results of the tests play a crucial role because it will determine whether or not you will be approved by the system. Further, your overall earning will also depend on your level which in turn is determined by the sample quality.

WriterAccess vs. TextBroker



Pay Rate

Minimum 4.6 cents per word for level 5 writer (The rate is usually a lot higher and can even be $1/word in few cases too)

5 cents per word for a 5 star writer


Payment is done only through PayPal.Payment is ideally on the 7th to 9th of the month but you need to have at least $50 for getting a pay.

Payment is done only through PayPal.Payment is made weekly and the minimum amount you can withdraw is $10

These two sites have often been compared a great deal. They offer very similar services and their structure is a lot similar too.

It has been seen that TextBroker seems to have a lot more job applications as compared to writer access. While WriterAccess is clearly the site which offers higher payment, it is TextBroker which ends up having better ease of payment withdrawals and even more number of jobs.

At TextBroker, the jobs are level specific as a 4 star writer cannot access 5 star jobs. The writers can access only the jobs that are for their designated level. This filters a lot of inefficient writers who are not qualified for the position.

Further, the lower withdrawal limit makes it a better option for those who are in need of regular money flow, even if it is small amount.

But, one cannot disregard the fact that WriterAccess does offer higher paying assignments. Those with level 5 rating can make huge money with the right contracts.


Overall, we can see that despite all the factors, WriterAccess does enjoy its fair share of popularity. The fact that there are a limited number of projects is a serious bottleneck, but the site does seem to have a good amount of demand as well.

Those who have been working as a writer at WriterAccess have been really pleased with it. The golden piece of advice is that never fall back on one single source when it comes to making an income. So, look out for multiple sites and apply at their open options.

The more the options, the better will be the odds of having more projects which in turn covers to even more income. So, we definitely recommend given WriterAccess one try!

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