Where to buy Quality Backlinks?

Do you want to get backlinks to your website, your blogs? You don’t know where to buy quality backlinks.

Most of the stuff on SEO services is garbage, but occasionally, some really insane links come up for sale.

How to get quality backlinks from SEO services? Some suggestions:

1. Buy backlinks from Web 2.0 network, private blog network or reputable SEO packages. You can also buy high PR (PA, DA,TF) domains and build your own blog network. Then you can link from them and you wouldn't need to buy any backlinks.
2. In getting quality backlinks you need to choose the best SEO provider. In order to increase your ranking for your website you should consider 100% spam free. All your tier-1 backlinks should look natural that it is created manually.

Recommended Top Ranked High Quality Backlink Services

Someone tell you do not backlinks because Google hates paid links. It is B.S. You can research the backlinks of top ranked websites for any competitive keyword, almost everyone buys backlinks.

You can get the high quality backlinks from a reputable SEO company. Yes, but it will cost a lot of money.

I and my friends try and test various backlinks services from a lot of small SEO providers and see what works best. Here is the list of our recommend Top Ranked High Quality Backlink Services:

Web 2.0 network

Private Blog Network (PBN)

SEO Packages

The Backlink Strategy That Works

Depend on competition keywords, you can combine two or more above services to get better results:

Backlink services for new website

After your website rank on Search Engine, you can use more advance backlink services

Backlink services for low competition keywords

With medium competition keywords, you can use below packages with some additional small SEO service.

Backlink services for medium competition keywords


As conclusion, I want to take some notes:

-No SEO formula, you can change, adjust, update your SEO plan because the Search Engine change weekly. You may combine some services, packages for link diversity.

-Do not use many exact match anchor text: with tier 1 backlinks, I recommend link them to your money site with a naked url (example: gimreview.com) or generic keyword (example: click here, see details, etc.). The percent of anchor text for exact match keyword should be from 5%-10%.

Scribie Review|Review of Amazing Transcript Transcription Service

1.What is Scribie?

Scribie is a company that help you transcript your audio/videos online from home at ease, the site have professionals to help you transcript your files in a professional way. Scribie is owned by Rajiv Poddar, they develop free software called “Callgraph” which is a Skype recording plug-in but later released as software for interesting users. The software was well known as it was featured in LifeHacker magazine.

Scribie as a company hires freelancers to be their transcribers and the work is basically done throughout the internet. The work done by the freelancers will go directly to Scribie team for a thorough QC before sending the client and off course before freelancers can be paid.

This is a very advanced and efficient platform from Scribie, along with a 4-step process and an in-house QA team which make sure that there is timely delivery of high accurate transcripts.

2.What is Scribie features?

2.1 Scribie Bring New Perspectives and Ideas

As getting audio/video transcribed is now getting bigger these days, it helps improve SEO and content marketing which are now important for online marketing in present days. With a lot of transcription service available and waiting for freelancers online.

Scribie quality

Scribie stands out to give the best service. Scribie let the freelancers to work on the transcript and before sending to the professional QA team for thorough checking on the quality to ensure best quality service is done by the freelancer. The work done is later send for proofreading, this step is repeated with different proofreaders; the QC will then be delivered once the QC passes with the minimum of 98% accuracy. Scribie works with time; they make sure the transcripts gets to the freelancers on time. Other similar freelancing sites are different, mostly the quality would depend largely on the freelancer and the transcript might get late to the freelancer.

2.2 Scribie Be Willing to Collaborate.

Scribie works with their customers and ensures satisfactory, if the order delivered to the customer needs to be modified, the buyer can order for a free re-review on the service. The re-review can be requested along with instruction; the file will be proofread after the re-review request and it will be re-delivered within 24 hours.

In order to keep up and maintain their high rating service, Scribie tries all the possible to satisfy their customer and get their positive feedbacks. They investigate on the cause of the re-review order placed by customers, in order to prevent it in nearest future.

Even though Scribie does not refund any order delivered, but the transcript order can be cancelled at any time before it reaches 60% completion.

2.3 Have Confidence In Their Ability to Achieve Results

Scribie has been in business since 2008 and has transcribed over 1,225,508.38 minutes of audio files to date. The company is filled with professionals, they can handle any work throw them.

Scribie has expertise in transcription like interview transcription, webinar transcription, podcast transcription, sermon transcription, focus group transcription, lecture transcription and video transcription. They also provide general transcription services like the academic transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription and business transcription. Their transcripts are high-quality, well-researched, consistent and are delivered right on time. They research the tough words, acronyms, names of places and other contextual information. Every incomprehensible portion is marked with a blank and time-stamped so that you can easily cross-check with the audio file.

2.4 Understand ALL the Customer’s Needs

Apart from the normal transcription, Scribie also provides some other features like:

  • Group accounts

Scribie account can be shared with others via the Team features available on the website. Each member of the group will get their own specific login details; they will also have full access to the team account without restriction and vice versa. They can upload files, order transcripts, add credit cards, check the transcripts, etc.

  • Conferencing

Scribie also offers a teleconferencing service where all calls are being recorded and transcribed by default. This is suitable for recording and transcribing phone interviews. The only process required is to book a call with Scribie and they will take care of the rest. This feature is perfect for people that carry out a project on conducting phone interviews with a number of participants, it will simplify your work and you won’t have to worry about managing the recording and transcripts by yourself. Everything is present at one place in the Scribie account.

  • Integrated Editor

Scribie also provides an integrated Editor Service, it is an online tool that will help users to quickly and effectively check their delivered transcript against the audio file.

This feature is one-of-a-kind tool that was developed completely in-house and it has proved to be a huge time saver for assessing the accuracy of the transcript.

2.5 Help the Customer Avoid Potential Pitfalls

Scribie takes time in completing transcription work, for every 15 minutes of audio, it will take one hour to be done and if the audio/video that need to be transcript is an hour or more, it will take at least half of a day to be completed.

There are many time duration options for users that want to transcript audio/video, they have an express (within 12 hours), 1 day, Flex 5 (within 12 days), Flex 15 (within 15 days), and Flex 30 (within 30 days). Means it depend on when you want it.

Scribie price review

Scribie’s highest priority is to maintain the confidentiality of all their transcription files. Access to files on Scribie is restricted strictly on a need to know basis. All Scribie transcribers, employees and the contractors are all bound by a confidentiality clause in the Terms & Conditions. However, the person that need their audio/video transcript have a full control over their files, once they delete the files, it will be removed permanently from Scribie’s servers. Users also have the option to delete their Scribie account anytime they want.

2.6 How to Purchasing Process

Making of purchase for transcript is very easy on Scribie, the steps are:

1: Upload any audio/video file.

2: Pay as per your desired turnaround time.

3: Check and download transcripts.

Scribie payment

For the first time when an order is placed on Scribie, the buyer will get a free account in association with the email supplied during the payment process, this will let the buyer be able to monitor the progress of their files, view the draft transcript and finally the delivery files which they can download all on the Scribie account. This account can still be used for future transcripts.

Scribie requires customers to make payments in advance for all transcript orders, their means of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB and PayPal.

3. Conclusion

Scribe is for simple project or few minutes transcription. Scribie is also everything someone with a large project of phone interview can ask for. With the help of their professional staffs and perfect freelancers, Scribie can deliver a quality work within your turnaround time.

Sign Up With Scibe At Here

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