WriterAccess – A Comprehensive Review on WriterAccess

With quite a lot of positive WriterAccess review present in the market, it is one of the top platforms for both clients and contractors looking to have content written. This platform offers a great compensation for quality writers and clients too can have their content written meticulously and pay based upon the kind of talent which they can find. The WriterAccess is one of the top rated sites for content writers and is hailed for offering good pay which is measurable to industry standards.

WriterAccess Review

WriterAccess does offer plenty of good content jobs. It is an efficient platform for the sake of finding suitable content jobs and making some quick money. The website has a well planned design which makes it easier to understand the navigation.

The initial filtering process used by WriterAccess is quite stringent as there is an application test that is conducted. The payment is done every 9th or 10th of the month. The writers are segmented into various levels abased on the initial test result and their performance as well. The pay is done on the basis of level.

WriterAccess application

The WriterAccess is one of the top portals where you can make steady income by picking the best writing gigs. This site is mainly for US based writers with a PayPal account. In order to get started, one needs to visit the site and apply.

The application process mainly consists of filling in your particulars and then submitting sample writing. You have to be really careful with the sample because it is the quality of the sample that determines the rating that you will get. There are 4 different levels starting from level 2 up till 5. Level 2 writers are paid 1.13 cents for every word while level 5 writers can make 4.60 cents per word and more.

Basically, a level 5 writer is one who is thoroughly SEO proficient and their copy is error free as well. There are some restrictions you need to follow when working at Writeraccess. You can only pick one job at a time when you start as a writer. After finishing 10 assignments, you can claim up to 3 jobs at the same time.

The payment is done by the 9th of every month. There are casting calls and idea orders for the clients which help them filter the right details and find suitable writers for different projects. Ideally, the quicker you submit and the better quality of work you offer, the higher you climb up the ranks.

WriterAccess writing test

In order to get approved for WriterAccess and to start working, you will first of all need to opt for a writing test. You need to put in your very best because not only are the questions tough, but at the same time, it is your test score and the sample quality which will gauge the writing level you need to begin with.

The test is so designed that it will assess different kind of skills which includes but is not limited to:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Verb
  • Agreement of verb with the subject
  • Tense usage

Of course, there is no specific limitation to the kind of questions they have. Along with the test, you will need to upload your résumé and even a professional bio. There is a sample writing that needs to be submitted as well on any of the topics already mentioned.

The results of the tests play a crucial role because it will determine whether or not you will be approved by the system. Further, your overall earning will also depend on your level which in turn is determined by the sample quality.

WriterAccess vs. TextBroker



Pay Rate

Minimum 4.6 cents per word for level 5 writer (The rate is usually a lot higher and can even be $1/word in few cases too)

5 cents per word for a 5 star writer


Payment is done only through PayPal.Payment is ideally on the 7th to 9th of the month but you need to have at least $50 for getting a pay.

Payment is done only through PayPal.Payment is made weekly and the minimum amount you can withdraw is $10

These two sites have often been compared a great deal. They offer very similar services and their structure is a lot similar too.

It has been seen that TextBroker seems to have a lot more job applications as compared to writer access. While WriterAccess is clearly the site which offers higher payment, it is TextBroker which ends up having better ease of payment withdrawals and even more number of jobs.

At TextBroker, the jobs are level specific as a 4 star writer cannot access 5 star jobs. The writers can access only the jobs that are for their designated level. This filters a lot of inefficient writers who are not qualified for the position.

Further, the lower withdrawal limit makes it a better option for those who are in need of regular money flow, even if it is small amount.

But, one cannot disregard the fact that WriterAccess does offer higher paying assignments. Those with level 5 rating can make huge money with the right contracts.


Overall, we can see that despite all the factors, WriterAccess does enjoy its fair share of popularity. The fact that there are a limited number of projects is a serious bottleneck, but the site does seem to have a good amount of demand as well.

Those who have been working as a writer at WriterAccess have been really pleased with it. The golden piece of advice is that never fall back on one single source when it comes to making an income. So, look out for multiple sites and apply at their open options.

The more the options, the better will be the odds of having more projects which in turn covers to even more income. So, we definitely recommend given WriterAccess one try!

Where to buy Quality Backlinks?

Do you want to get backlinks to your website, your blogs? You don’t know where to buy quality backlinks.

Most of the stuff on SEO services is garbage, but occasionally, some really insane links come up for sale.

How to get quality backlinks from SEO services? Some suggestions:

1. Buy backlinks from Web 2.0 network, private blog network or reputable SEO packages. You can also buy high PR (PA, DA,TF) domains and build your own blog network. Then you can link from them and you wouldn't need to buy any backlinks.
2. In getting quality backlinks you need to choose the best SEO provider. In order to increase your ranking for your website you should consider 100% spam free. All your tier-1 backlinks should look natural that it is created manually.

Recommended Top Ranked High Quality Backlink Services

Someone tell you do not backlinks because Google hates paid links. It is B.S. You can research the backlinks of top ranked websites for any competitive keyword, almost everyone buys backlinks.

You can get the high quality backlinks from a reputable SEO company. Yes, but it will cost a lot of money.

I and my friends try and test various backlinks services from a lot of small SEO providers and see what works best. Here is the list of our recommend Top Ranked High Quality Backlink Services:

Web 2.0 network

Private Blog Network (PBN)

SEO Packages

The Backlink Strategy That Works

Depend on competition keywords, you can combine two or more above services to get better results:

Backlink services for new website

After your website rank on Search Engine, you can use more advance backlink services

Backlink services for low competition keywords

With medium competition keywords, you can use below packages with some additional small SEO service.

Backlink services for medium competition keywords


As conclusion, I want to take some notes:

-No SEO formula, you can change, adjust, update your SEO plan because the Search Engine change weekly. You may combine some services, packages for link diversity.

-Do not use many exact match anchor text: with tier 1 backlinks, I recommend link them to your money site with a naked url (example: gimreview.com) or generic keyword (example: click here, see details, etc.). The percent of anchor text for exact match keyword should be from 5%-10%.

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